Jacks or Better (NetEnt)

Type Video poker
Characteristics Minigame
Software NetEnt
Games played 88
Rating 0

Jacks or Better Double Up is a free video poker game from the company NetEnt that you can play for free. The game presents 5 cards with which you must compose the basic poker combinations. The main feature of the card game is the ability to play with multiple hands. This game differs from the classic variant of video poker with the option to bet the prize on the double or nothing minigame.

How to play Jacks or Better with one hand

In the free game Jacks or Better Double Up your goal is to create a winning combination. Playing with one hand, you are dealt five cards. You must analyze and evaluate the cards in your hand to understand which ones can form a combination. The cards you need can be fixed in your hand by pressing Hold. Clicking the middle button will replace the unnecessary cards with the new ones. If you manage to get some profitable cards and compose a combination, you receive a prize based on your bet.

You can set the split bet, from 1 to 10 coins, in the Level menu. The Coin Value sector configures the value of a coin from 0.01 to 10 demo credits. In the free video poker game you have 5,000 virtual credits.

Take into account the clues that appear in the game by offering you the cards that you can fix. You are within your right to make a decision according to the suggestions or of your own free will.

Jacks or Better rules with multiple hands

In the video poker version Jacks or Better Double up you can play with up to 25 hands in the same game by selecting from the Hands menu the number of active hands of 1, 5, 10 or 25. Additional hands are linked to the main hand and are displayed above. At the beginning, you get 5 cards in one hand. You must fix the cards that can form a poker combination. At the same time, the set cards appear in all video poker hands.

After pressing the deal button, the cards from each hand are exchanged with different decks. That is, the cards you have set in the main hand will be the same in all hands and the cards that are dealt below can form different combinations and award you multiple prizes in one round. The total bet set in a multi-hand video poker game is spread over the number of active hands.

Payments at Jacks or Better Double Up

The video poker Jacks or Better Double Up prize is determined by multiplying the established bet by the coefficient of each combination. The rules of the game allow you to create nine winning combinations:

  • JACKS or Better is a pair of “J” or cards of the same or higher value. The pay coefficient is x1.
  • Two Pair are two pairs of cards of the same value, for example, two queens and two jacks, they pay you your bet x2.
  • Three of a Kind (a Trio) are 3 cards of the same value, they have the coefficient x3.
  • Straight is 5 cards of the consecutive value of any suit, they give you x5.
  • Flush (Color) are 5 cards of the same suit, they pay you your bet x6.
  • Full House is the combination of a pair and a triplet of cards of the same rank (for example, two “K” + three “Q”), they give you x9.
  • Four of a Kind is the series of four cards of the same value, they have the coefficient x20.
  • Straight Flush (Straight Flush) are 5 cards of the same suit of the consecutive rank, they give you the coefficient x40.
  • Royal Straight Flush is a straight of cards of the same suit from 10 to Ace that pays you your bet x250.

The pay table shows the prizes in coins according to the determined bet, it is opened from the “i” menu.

Double or nothing minigame

JACKS or Better Double Up gives you the ability to increase any reward from the main game in the double or nothing minigame. After each beneficial deal on the panel, the Gamble function is activated which starts the minigame on an additional screen. It is a classic double or nothing variant where you have to match the color of a face down card. If you get it right, your prize is doubled. If you make a mistake, the prize per game is voided.

You can exit the minigame at any time by transferring your prize to the account with the Collect button. Free video poker games is a good option for beginners to know the rules of creating poker combinations and for experienced players to improve their skills.