All Aces Poker (MicroGaming)

Type Video poker
Software MicroGaming
Games played 60
Rating 0

Microgming set All Aces Poker with 11 combinations. You can double your prize in the double or nothing minigame. The maximum prize is 4,000 coins. Each round consists of two deals where you can keep the cards selected for the second deal. Play the demo version for free without downloading.

How to play All Aces Poker

Before starting the game select the amount of coins to bet for one round. It is done using the Bet One key. You can bet from 1 to 5 coins per round. Then determine the value of a game coin using the “+” and “-” buttons. It varies from 0.25 to 5 demo credits. By default the value of the coin is equal to 0.25 credits.

To start the game press the Deal button. Bet Max increases the amount of coins to the maximum and starts the round. To reload the prize to the account press Collect. To activate the risk game select the Double button that works only after winning the prize.

The information windows are:

  • Coin, is the amount of coins bet.
  • Bet, is the sum of the bet in credits.
  • Win, show the current prize.
  • Demo Credits, shows the user’s account in demo credits.

Additional buttons:

  • Help, opens the information window where the rules of the game are described in detail.
  • Options, in the demo version of the game All Aces Poker this button is not active.

In the upper right corner is the speaker image that turns the sound on and off in the game.

Combinations and prizes in All Aces Poker

To get the prize, the player has to compose the winning combination of cards.In each round you can keep one or all five cards. To do this, click on one of the cards and the inscription “Held” will appear on the fixed card. In the next deal, these cards will remain on the screen, and the new ones will appear in place of the loose ones. Keep in mind that the second deal of the cards is free, that is, the demo credits are not charged from the account. To activate it, click Draw. This key will appear in place of Deal.

In each round the system automatically selects the most suitable cards to compose the combination and keeps them on the screen. They are marked with the inscription “Held”. To cancel this selection you have to click on these cards.

Below is the list of all combinations and their prizes. All prizes are displayed in coins with the maximum bet:

  • JACKS or Better is a pair of the identical jacks and higher cards, it will give 5 coins.
  • 2 PAIR are two pairs of cards of any value, they will give 5 coins.
  • 3 of a KIND, they are three cards of the same value, they will give 15 coins.
  • STRAIGHT is five cards in a row, it will give 20 coins.
  • FLUSH is five cards of the same suit, it will give 25 coins.
  • FULL HOUSE are three cards of the same value plus a pair of the same value, it will give 35 coins.
  • 4 of a KIND (5’s to K’s) are four cards of the same value from 5 to K, it will give 250 coins.
  • 4 of a KIND (2-4) are four cards of the same value from 2 to 4, they will give 500 coins.
  • 4 ACES, there are four aces, they will give 2,000 coins.
  • STRAIGHT FLUSH are five consecutive cards of the same suit, they will give 300 coins.
  • ROYAL FLUSH, they are five consecutive cards of the same suit from 10 to A, they will give 4000 coins.

Risk minigame

Every time the player gets the winning combination, they can play the risk game. To activate it, click on the Double button. A window opens on the screen where there are five cards, one of which is face up. The user must choose one of the four face down cards. You need to press it. If the card is larger than the open one, the user will win.

Before each attempt the user has the right to collect the prize by clicking on the Collect button. Also, you can continue the risk game, but in this case it is impossible to collect your prize. If during the risk game the user selects the card of the same value as the open one, a tie is declared.

All Aces Poker is an online version of the poker game. In the game you can compose 11 different combinations. In the demo version of the game, when you restart the page to the user’s account, 2000 demo credits are recharged. The game will be liked by both beginners and professionals.