Zitro Gaming Software

Zitro casino games like slot machines and Bingo games are supplied on Blackwave and Bluewave platforms which are optimized solutions for low energy consumption. The cabins based on these platforms have 23-inch touch screens and a high-quality audio system.

  • Online Bingo games in more than 60 versions.
  • 9 slot machines for conventional casinos (as of May 2017).
  • Bingo electronic, opening of rooms and terminals for Bingo.
  • A partnership program for advancement and promotional offers and other services.

The Bingo versions propose to play on 4-20 cards, many contain bonus rounds with interactive mini-games. The draw is carried out with thirty sixty balls. For the additional bet it is allowed to buy up to ten numbers. Many Bingos offer bonus rounds with interactive mini games.

The slot machines are supplied in the form of two Bryke booth models: Pick & Win I and Pick & Win II. They are multi-game booths, in each of which there are five slot machines. For the year 2017 the company Zitro developed 9 gaming machines that offer progressive jackpots, one of these slots is repeated in both booths

The software is compatible with the main banknotes and calculation and bonus systems. The terminals are provided with the Super Win button, which opens an additional package of games and bonuses.

Bingo electronic Zitro

Zitro supplies equipment and software for Bingo rooms. The BET system developed by her is available for rooms of Bingo locals and for playing on the Bingo terminal network, which gives the opportunity to win great prizes.

The firm’s production allows the bingo ​​room to be organized according to the desire of the owner of the premises: printed or electronic cards, real or virtual lottery hype, a great variety of skins on electronic tables, an absolute automation of the service.

The terminals of the bingo games have different variants:

  • PlayBet is a terminal with a small table.
  • T-Wave is a terminal with support.
  • E-Wave, a terminal in the form of a tablet.
  • Sit & Play, a terminal for VIP users with a comfortable armchair.

Partnership program

Zitro offers a partnership program for advancement and promotional offers on the internet, social media and mainstream casinos. Operators configure the bonus and offer system to their liking, the developer also offers expert advice on bingo and casino management.

The study produced a mobile application for casino users, which allows to follow the promotional offers and also Zitro University which is a cycle of seminars in which operators and producers share their experiences and knowledge on how to manage the gambling business.

Who is the company Zitro?

The company Zitro was founded in 2007 and the three key figures of this company are Johnny Ortiz, the Vice president, Sebastián Salat, the executive director and Manuela Jiménez, Vice president of Zitro since 2009.

The company has about 500 employees and offices in Argentina, Colombia, Honduras, Spain, Portugal, Peru, Ireland, Luxembourg, Uruguay, Mexico, Panama, Philippines, Portugal, Uruguay, USA The main office of the company is located in Luxembourg.

The company Zitro for a long period of time has basically worked in the Spanish market, however, it is gradually entering the international market. In June 2016, it signed an association agreement with Playtech and from that moment the games of bingo of the Spanish developer are available on its platform. The first licensee of Playtech to propose Zitro games to its clients was the Mexican operator Caliente. Among the rest of the company’s partners are brands such as Vera & John and Iforium.

In September 2016 Zitro received the license from Malta to develop games from bingo. The company continues to advance in the Latin American market and its games are available in Mexico, Brasil and Argentina, among others. The president, Johnny Ortiz, affirms that the objective of the firm is to carry out a revolution in the world of bingo in Latin America.

Awards given to Zitro

The popularity of the games from bingo to Zitro is so great that the company has received awards since 2007:

Year Prize Given by
2007  Gold Says European Casinos – The Elite – Magazine
2008 Star The Andalusian Recreational Fair
2010 Golden Ace Latin American Casinos Magazine
2012 Fotur In recognition of the successful career in the gaming industry and the growth potential of the company.
2013 SAGSE Trophy For his outstanding contribution to the gaming sector
2016 EXPOJOC Special award
2017 Best Business Model Award The supplement of the newspaper La Razón
2017 Gold Star Award Institute for Professional Excellence
2018  XXI Century Technology Awards Leisure software