Gamevy Casino Games

The Gamevy study differs from most of the popular companies in the games market, the company’s applications can be divided into different types such as the so-called “skill-based” games that require the user some skills and knowledge to complete successful round, however, winnings also depend on player luck, progressive jackpot games, and instant win apps.

The first type includes games like The Heist where it is necessary to overcome ten stages to get the reward. This game gives five lives and any mistake will cost the player one life. Each stage has three boxes in which an arrow is hidden to move quickly to the next level, a circle that costs a life or a question mark that activates a contest. It is necessary to choose one of two possible answers to the question, the correct answer will allow the user to advance on the playing field, the wrong one will cost him a life.

Progressive jackpot applications are also not typical for slots and are more like the classic “pick me” bonus rounds of slot machines. In front of the player there are some images that are clicked, some of them hide a prize, others contain symbols that end the round. To obtain the basic prize it is necessary to open a certain number of objects with prizes. All prize images are accumulated on a “prize ladder”, moving the user closer to the jackpot drawing.

The games with instant winnings are scratch cards and their variations, in such machines, the user automatically removes the protective layer from the card, to find the required amount of bonus images.

Gamevy Popular Games

So far the developer Gamevy has not released many games, but each of them attracts users by its originality. Its products are very popular especially in Germany, Austria and the United Kingdom, the most popular games are Gears of Fortune, Boss the Lotto,Diamond Deal, The Link and SpinLotto Scratch.

Gears of Fortune is a game in which you need to turn the gear by accumulating prize images on the scales. The special symbol opens a window with a questionnaire, answering the questions, the player will receive generous prizes.

Boss the Lotto is an entertainment created based on pick me, the user has to get a minimum of six winning balls to get a guaranteed prize. All subsequent winning balls increase the total prize already won but if you open the symbol that ends the round, all winnings will be canceled.

In the game Diamond Deal it is necessary to open the boxes on the playing field and the player is given four attempts to find a diamond. The diamond provides a prize and restores the lives lost in the search, this allows you to keep trying to find another winning symbol.

The Link is a slot with three reels, five types of images and a Wild symbol. Winning combinations appear on eight pay lines: three horizontal, three vertical and two diagonal. The amount of the prize depends on the number of lines in which the same image combinations appear after the same spin. The maximum prize is equal to 5,000 credits, it is received by a diamond and the Wild symbol, which occupies the entire game screen.

SpinLotto Scratch are scratch cards that are based on bingo, the game has two lines, the first with the player’s numbers and the second with the winning numbers. If at least one number matches on the lines, the user receives a prize. In the game there is also an additional multiplier that in each round is different and the maximum is x10.

Company details Gamevy

Study Gamevy was founded in London, UK, in 2013. Managing Director is Paul Dolman-Darrall. Since its inception, the studio has released more than a dozen games, some of which won awards at the ICE Totally Gaming developer conference in 2015 and 2016. The company’s management team is comprised of:

  • CEO Paul Dolman-Darrall.
  • Marketing Director Helen Walton.
  • Technical General Manager – Dan Rough.
  • Board Member Robert Lenzhofer.
  • Chief Financial Officer Natasha Mockett.

In addition to the members of the council, fifteen specialists work in the company, the staff is constantly growing.

The official website of the study is Email: [email protected] Tel: 020 7253 2380. The position of director is held by Paul Dolman-Darrall. The license for the creation and distribution of applications was issued by the Great Britain Gaming Commission and the Gibraltar Gaming Commission. The company received the Pitch ICE award in 2015, won in the Game to Watch category at the ICE Totally Gaming developer conference and won another trophy – EGR Skill Gaming Supplier Award in 2016.

The activities of the company can be followed on the official pages of social networks:

  • Facebook –
  • Twitter –

Strategy and partnership

The company Gamevy occupies a niche in the gaming industry that was empty for a long time. Games based on popular TV quiz shows have been successful with European users and the study has therefore focused on providing these products on mobile and online platforms.

The producer has entered into a partnership with major game software developers, publishers and providers such as MicroGaming, Greentube, Kindred Group and Infinity Gaming Solutions.

The main policy of the company in the playground is quality before quantity. This approach guarantees the originality and popularity of the applications created. Gamevy has firmly positioned itself in a gaming segment that has not been dominated, partially based on user experiences.