Best Zombie-themed Slots

Many developers offer slots with zombies. For this reason, we have chosen the most recognized titles of the main developers, among which we highlight Frankenstein and Dracula from NetEnt, Alaxe in Zombieland from MicroGaming and Monster Wins.


Among the free online slots we will find titles such as Frankenstein, developed by the company NetEnt, in this game we will accompany the diabolical doctor Frankenstein along with his assistant Fritz on the way to discover how to bring the dead back to life. We will be enveloped by the gloomy and gloomy atmosphere of its castle where we can feel the terror in our own body.


This sensation does not come to compare with what we will feel in the streets of old London when we feel defenseless before the no less enigmatic and terrifying Dracula, which goes out in search of victims from which to feed in order to continue chasing through of time since immortality the long-awaited love of his beautiful beloved, this type of fear and terror will be totally different from what we can feel when we find ourselves in New York City in the s, and live the experience of like a gorilla of colossal dimensions captured on an unknown island, found out of its wild domain and cornered by human beings, it goes from being the eighth wonder of the world to being the destroyer of an entire city.

Monsters Wins

The diversity of ways of representing zombies will also lead us to find titles dedicated to this topic with a less frightening effect, as for example we can feel it in the Monsters Wins slot of the producer NextGen where the different zombies that we will meet, despite its grotesque and unpleasant appearance. They transmit feelings different from those of fear, almost closer to those of tenderness.

Alaxe in Zombieland

The slot Alaxe in Zombieland designed by MicroGaming presents the well-known story of Alice in Wonderland but with a different approach. As you can imagine it is not the wonderland but that of the zombies, the characters that we will find here will transport us throughout this story told with a sinister touch, this we can appreciate when we see the image that represents Alice with a glance macabre on his face, to later discover the terrifying smile of Mr. Cat or the not very peaceful image of the character of the rabbit, but do not be demoralized that the awards are well worth a scare.

Zombies Slot Features

Within the zombies slot machines we find adorable zombies in the form of comics, which instead of fear convey tenderness thanks to its less terrifying aspect, even when they want to convey other more sinister and chilling sensations. Suddenly you can feel a grave robber collaborating with a sinister Doctor and his assistant to unearth a corpse in the middle of a stormy night as feeling terror invade you when you find yourself in the middle of an alley of the city of old London and see yourself surprised by the panic faces of citizens when commenting on the terrifying presence of a vampire man prowling at night, this will have no point of comparison if we move to the city of New York in the s where we will find a city that is a true battlefield thanks to the presence of an enraged giant gorilla which has escaped from its chains and is disoriented.

The images that we can see in the zombies games are quite varied. In most of these images are related to the history or name of the game, in this way we will have symbols with the most recognized characters involved in games with more renowned titles, as perhaps we will find less known images but just as important for the development of the game . Within the games we will find the typical symbols of wild, Scatter or bonus represented with the most appropriate image for each game depending on the history of the game.

Online gambling machines usually have representations on the reels of the characters involved in each story or in each game in particular, which will make us feel we are living each story step by step as the protagonists of these terrifying stories, supporting our fear and the adversities in order to achieve our goal, the bonus games that we can find in these types of games of chance will be based on some special characteristic of the history of the machine.

In the games of zombies we will also find different bonus functions of each free online slot how they can become Bar Feature, Dramatic Big City Bonus or Boss Monster Feature, most of the special games will run on the same game screen or in some additional screen

The slot machines of zombies is very implicit and has many followers, which is why the best developers are constantly creating new games to introduce them to the market, at the same time they offer new models of machines, without forgetting the wide range of possibilities that it offers this issue when incorporating new bonus modalities and introducing novel changes in the structure of the games.