Wisps (iSoftBet)

Type Slot machines
Rows 3
Thematic Neon
Characteristics Scatter, Jackpot
Software ISoftBet
Lines 243
Reels 5
Games played 301
Rating 5

The Wisps slot has been manufactured by the company iSoftBet and CasinoGamingNews.com offers you its free version. It consists of 5 rollers. The machine offers free spins mode, 243 different ways to form winning combinations and symbols Wild, Scatter and Transformer. The jackpot can be won in the free spins round.

How to play Slot Wisps

At the beginning of the game, the user must set the bet on the spin and the value of a virtual coin. The value of the game currency is assigned via the number button in the right corner of the control panel. This button sets how many game credits a coin will be worth. The value of a coin varies between 0.01 and 1 credit.

The bet is assigned with the Bet button. Its minimum value is 0.50 credits, based on the value of a coin equal to 0.01 credits. The maximum value of the bet is 250 credits, when the coin costs 1 credit.

The following describes the button and window functions on the control panel.

  • Paytable: Open the information menu. This menu includes a description of the formula for calculating credit prizes, all symbols and their coefficients, as well as details of the three game modes.
  • Spin – Trigger a spin of the reels. During the spin this button becomes Stop which will stop the spin at the moment.
  • Winnings: shows the sum of credits won for the last combination.

The automatic spins mode is activated with the help of the Auto Spin button. Before it is activated, the player must select the number of spins that will be performed continuously without their participation. Auto spins mode will stop:

  • When the balance reaches the sum set by the player, the “Loss” field of the automatic mode window.
  • When the prize determined by the player is won in the “Stop if WIN reaches” field.
  • After the number of spins set in the “Number of AUTO SPINS to play” field is performed.
  • When the bet is greater than the amount available in the player’s account.

If during the automatic spins the free spins mode is activated, the free spins will be executed after clicking on the respective button.

Slot symbols Wisps

The Wisps game machine includes 30 symbols. By sequences of 3, 4 or 5 equal images the user receives the following multipliers:

  • Purple ball: x1,000, x2,000 and x10,000
  • Burning Flower: x500, x1,000 and x5,000
  • Blue flame: x250, x500 and x1,000
  • Orange Pink Flame: x275, x375 and x750
  • Purple Atom: x125, x250, and x500
  • The A: x50, x100 and x150
  • The K and the Q: x25, x60 and x125
  • The J, the 10 and the 9: x15, x40 and x75

These multipliers will be applied when playing the maximum bet with the value of a coin equal to 1 credit. The Wild symbol of the Wisps slot is an image of the yin and yang colored yellow orange. Replace any image on the playing field to complete the winning combination, except Scatter. Scatter is the silhouette of a multi-colored butterfly. For 3 or more combinations of these symbols the user will receive multipliers and free spins.

Slot Machine Prizes Wisps

In the slot Wisps the system of calculating the prizes differs from the common method. When the winning combination lands on the playing field, the prize is calculated in several stages.

First, the number of cells in each reel that are occupied by certain equal symbols in each of the sequences must be calculated. For example, a combination of symbols appears on the playing field depending on the pattern:

  • The first reel: in the first, second and third cells
  • Second reel: in the second and third cells
  • Third reel: in the first cell
  • Fourth reel: in the third cell

Then the cell numbers in each reel are multiplied by each other: 3 x 2 x 2 x1. The result is 6.

The next step is to multiply the number obtained by the multiplier of the corresponding symbol. If it is, for example, a combination of purple balls, then that number, 6, must be multiplied by the coefficient of this symbol. The multipliers for each symbol can be viewed in the paytable by pressing the Paytable button.

Below each image are three numbers. Each of them corresponds to the number of reels in a row on which the symbol came out. First, the multiplier is shown for a combination of symbols that appeared on all 5 reels at once, then on all 4 reels, and finally on all 3 reels.

Returning to our example, since the combination of purple balls is found on all four reels in a row, the number 6 must be multiplied by 2,000, which is the coefficient of the symbol at the maximum bet according to the pay table. As a result, for such a combination the user would get 12,000 credits. This sum is obtained based on the maximum bet of 250 credits and the value of a coin equal to 1 credit.

Free spins mode of slot Wisps

When three or more Scatter symbols land on the playing field, the free spins mode is activated. After this combination occurs, the player is invited to choose one of the three free spins modes:

  • Bouncing Wilds free spins, 1 to 5 random symbols will be converted to Wild symbols during each free spin.

  • Spiral Wilds free spins, the second, third, fourth or fifth reels can be arbitrarily changed to Wild during these free spins. Up to three reels can become “wild” in one spin.

Free spins can be reactivated in the free spins mode. They will run again in the same way as they have been activated. Three or more symbols Scatter can fall again and increase the number of free spins.

In addition, for the images of the multicolored butterfly, the user can receive not only free spins, but also prizes with respective multipliers. For two Scatter the player will get a prize that will be double the total bet, for 3 he receives 5 times the total bet, for four butterflies he will win 10 times the total bet, and for five the player will get 25 times the total bet.

During the free spins round the sum of the total bet will be the same that has been established before starting the free spins. The sum of the bet cannot be changed.

Three game modes Wisps

There are 3 modes to play Wisps slot, but only one of them can be active at any given time. The game modes change randomly. This happens anytime before starting a turn. Only during the free spins round the game mode will not be changed.

The game modes are as follows.

  • Mode 1: the prize will be paid from left to right.
  • Mode 2: the prize will be paid from left to right and vice versa.
  • Mode 3: the prize will be paid only from right to left. The Transformer symbol can appear on the third reel and in the third mode of the game.

The Transformer symbols

The Transformer symbol can appear only on the third reel during regular game mode, as well as during free spins. This only happens if the game is activated in the third mode.

When the Transformer symbol appears on the playing field, it transforms into any profitable symbol (9, 10, J, K, or A). After this, the low profitability symbols, which are in the field at the time, will become the same image as Transformer.

Prizes earned for Transformer combinations will be added to credits earned for spins prior to image transformation. The current game mode will be displayed during the spin in progress in the window to the right of the Paytable button.

The Wisps slot machine has low volatility. That is, the prizes will be given often, but their value will not be great. This slot machine is suitable for an experienced player as the three modes of the game can be confusing for a beginner.