Wild Seas (Elk Studios)

Type Slot machines
Rows 4
Thematic Pirates
Characteristics Bonus round
Software Elk Studios
Lines 178
Reels 5
Games played 832
Rating 4.67

The pirates control the seas and finding the treasures is the mission of a good captain to avoid the mutinies of his crew. Wild Seas is the wonderful and romantic slot machine designed by Elk Studios. The freedom of the seas is measured on 5 reels of 4 rows and 178 pay lines. In addition, Wild Seas has up to two Bonus levels, different types of betting strategy and many more prizes playing for free and online.

How to Play Wild Seas Free

In this free version that CasinoGamingNews.com offers you, you have € 1000 to bet in different strategic ways. In addition, the slot is enabled to play with your Smartphone, Tablet or computer without downloading.

To play we need to choose a betting strategy. We can also skip this step and choose a normal and current bet as we have done all our lives. However, for the curious and optimizers, we will tell you about the different betting strategies that are available at Wild Seas.

To start, we access the betting strategies from the coin button. You can choose between the optimizing bet (Optimizer), regulating (Leveller), Turbo (Booster) and jumping (Jumper). If you are one of those who bet according to the balance you have at that time, the optimizing type bet is the ideal one because you bet a% of the balance you have at that time.

However, if you are one of those who believe that you should recover your investment after several consecutive losses, the leveling bet levels up when you suffer 5 consecutive losses. On the other hand, the turbo bet increases the loss by 1 level for each loss you have. And finally, the type of jumping strategy rewards in victory. That is, it increases one level after each winning round.

Finally, you can automate your games up to 100 spins at once and let chance and comfort work for you, increasing the excitement of winning.

Slot machine prizes

Among the common symbols that benefit us with direct prizes we have captains of different nationalities and gold, silver and bronze coins. Depending on the number of times they land on the reels and, in addition, they coincide with the available pay lines, they grant more or less prizes depending on the level of bet you have made at the beginning of the game. On the other hand, the wilds vary depending on the game mode you are playing in.

For the main game, the wild is represented by the flag and substitutes for all symbols with direct prizes. It also gives us access to the Bonus mode “Break the Convoy!” when two flags appear on the 5 reels.

Slot Bonus Wild Seas

This video slot has two Bonus levels:

  • Level 1. Break the Convoy: Activated by two flags in the main game, one of the 4 available captains is chosen and their ships are transformed into wild cards. These ships invade reel 5 and will try to go through all the reels until they reach the first one, while a pirate ship tries to destroy them. If all the convoys reach the first reel, the bonus ends, so it is necessary to go to the next level, that our pirate ship destroys a convoy.

  • Level 2. Loot the Treasures !: is activated when the pirate ship destroys a convoy in the first level. Wilds transform into treasures and substitute for all symbols except barrels. The pirate ship will continue to hit with cannon shots but this time at treasure chests and barrels. If a barrel explodes the Bonus ends.

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