Western Saloon (MGA)

Type Slot machines
Rows 3
Thematic Classics, Fruits
Characteristics Bonus round, Minigame
Software MGA
Lines 1
Reels 3
Games played 3,976
Rating 4.21

The Western Saloon slot machine from MGA is a classic and innovative slot. It consists of the three reels and a pay line with fruit symbols in the main game. It has minigames with bonuses and two unusual functions such as the advance function and the reel hold function.

How to play Westen Saloon slot

To play this slot machine for free it is not necessary to deposit money. This demo version is available to play for free and so that you can familiarize yourself with the game.

The slot game offers 20 coins at the start of the game. You can make 3 possible bets on credits (1, 2 and 3 credits). To choose one of the three options, click on bet in the control panel.

Bets are not made on coins, but on credits. At the bottom of the game screen the value of a credit is shown when it is converted to coins. In this slot one credit is equivalent to 0.2 coins.

To win on the slot machine you must land three identical symbols on the pay line called the prize. If you win, the prize is shown in the bonus box the number of bonus points. You receive bonus points when special bonus symbols appear on the reels in the form of saddle bags filled with gold. One symbol brings 1 bonus, 2 symbols bring 2 bonuses, and 3 symbols bring 6 bonuses. These bonuses allow you to advance to the next level of play, the upper game or higher game.

Reel advance function

The game has an advance function with which the reels automatically move a square to achieve a winning combination. When the advance function ends, you enter the hold function. This function blocks the reels on which the icons or combinations closest to the prize have been drawn. With the hold function you hold some reels fixed and spin the others. These reels go dark. With the advance and hold buttons you lock or unlock any of the three reels.

Superior Game

If you have a bonus, you go to the higher game by clicking game change. To place bets at this level, you must have credits and bonuses.

In the top game there are five horizontal and diagonal pay lines. There are different symbols from the main game. Almost every sequence will give you not only a prize, but also access to a unique bonus game.

Bets on the top game can be 1 credit + 1 bonus, 2 credits + 2 bonuses, 3 credits + 3 bonuses, and 3 credits + 5 bonuses. The symbols that give prizes are the hats, the cards, the pistols, the 7 green, red and blue. When the bonuses are spent, you automatically return to the main game.

In the upper game, as in the main game, there is risk game. The prize will be given in credits or in bonus points, and also in Upper Game there are several risk rounds. Bonus symbols will also appear here, which will extend the possibility of playing in the Upper Game.

Slot Machine Symbols Western Saloon

Like all classic slots, Western Saloon has classic symbols such as green, blue and red diamonds or fruits such as orange, plum, lemon and strawberry. A special symbol to win prizes with is the Wild symbol or wild symbol that substitutes for any other symbol. In this case it’s the sheriff’s star.

The risk game conditions on the Western Saloon slot machine are more beneficial than on most other slot machines. After any prize the player will be able to click on the collect button or on the Play accumulate button. The first button will load the prize to the account in game coins, and the second to the bonus account.

Slot minigames

The slot includes four bonus minigames. The first is activated in the main game and the rest in the upper game. A minigame with 3 icons in the form of a league gives additional credits and bonuses. Another minigame with 3 hat-shaped icons gives the possibility to choose one of the hats where coins are hidden. You enter the roulette-style minigame with 3 gun symbols. You access the fourth minigame when three symbols appear on the reels in the form of a card deck. Your objective is to stop the dealing of cards with the highest number of cards.

The Western Saloon slot machine allows you to accumulate bonuses and access different mini-games with bonuses. Its defect is the inconvenience of counting the prizes with unprofitable symbols, since they do not provide prizes in round numbers.