Superhero Slot Games

Comic Slots Features

Comics started in New York in the s with a ton of different characters. When Batman appeared, it changed the world of comic book magazines. The young and not-so-young were eager to receive the next adventure from millionaire Bruce Wayne.

Most of the symbols that we find in comic style slots are always related to superheroes, their enemies, the powers they may have and their weak points as well. Unlike other types of slot themes used, in superhero games the main symbols of the slot are not repeated. Although each slot will continue to have the presence of basic symbols such as wilds wild, Scatters or Bonus.

Batman slots

In the Batman and the Jokers Jewels slot machine designed by Playtech, the bat man along with his faithful companion the young man Robin are surrounded by all the tools at their fingertips such as the Batmobile, the Batmoto or the Batiboomerang to be able to fight against the Joker and his evil men plans. Her wicked smile will fill us with terror as well as infect us with joy, with the appearance of Batman & Batgirl Bonanza where the bat woman will help us regain consciousness and let us be conquered by her courage when fighting crime.

With the same retro design we find the Batman online slot from Playtech is Batman and Batgirl Bonanza. In this slot developed with characters such as the superhero Batman, Robin and Batgirl we can use various tools to fight crime, such as the bat belt and batgirl’s batimoto.

Jack Hammer Slots

Within the theme of the fight between good and evil we find the slot Jack Hammer developed by NetEnt. A game for lovers of more human characters, with his gangster hat and tough guy appearance Jack is always ready to solve the problems. bad news that is announced in the newspapers with her gun in hand, suddenly a telephone rings, it is a woman calling us to alert us to the diabolical plans of Dr. Wüten, she is planning to drop a bomb with toxic chemicals from a hot air balloon on the city, fast Jack runs after him to stop him !!!!

Daredevil Slots

Within this online slot theme we will find Daredevil by designer Playtech. A character who fights crime dressed in his red suit with the appearance of a demon. His story is based on a superhero who is blind, however, his other senses are highly developed because he entered contacts with a radioactive substance. Daredevil is dedicated to fighting crime and the evil plans of villains in the city of New York. He uses his super senses and his high knowledge of martial arts. On the reels of the slot machine we can also meet the heroine Elektra, in addition to the terrifying villains Kingpin (The King of Crime) and Bullseye.

Green Lantern Slots

In comic games like Green Lantern from developer Amaya we can find characters with rings of extraterrestrial power. We can fly through the galaxy and fight against the hidden powers of the universe led by a villain with pink skin. Some of the slot heroes have their origins in ancient legends, while others belong to the more recent pages of comics. The new generations also recognize them in the successful films that have been made in recent times as the character of Green Lantern based on his original comic. In the game the main character does not appear characterized by actor Ryan Reynolds, but we can see Green Lantern with his alien ring. His suit with green and black colors, which is the uniform of the protective body of the universe called “Lanterns” is unmistakable. In this free online slot, the alien villain known as Sinister also makes his appearance, his pink face and his evil features do not us will remind you that formerly he was a member of the corps of “Lanterns” now turned into a super villain.

Superhero Game Developers

Game software creators are aware of the large number of fans comics have. For this reason, many slot developers offer comic-themed slot machines in their catalogs. This superhero theme drives them to constantly develop new games and innovative new characters.It is what makes these types of games have a fairly extensive portfolio. Among the most recognized slot games from leading developers, we have Amaya (Green Lantern), Playtech (Batman and the Joker jewels, Daredevil & Batman Batgirl bonanza) and NetEnt (Jack Hammer).

The slots developed by NetEnt usually have a classic comic book design, such as Jack Hammer. A tough-looking detective wearing a gangster hat who chases the evil Dr. Wüten to prevent him from releasing a toxic gas bomb on the city. We can follow the exciting story of the game through a traditional comic book window design.

Online slot games usually have comic book characters on the reels, which will make us feel like the heroes of this adventure, fighting against evil to save the world, even the bonus games that we can find will be based on some characteristic special of our favorite heroes or villains.

Most free spins rounds will be triggered by landing 3 or more specific symbols, such as Scatter, wild or the bonus. Once we access these rounds we can get additional free spins, playing in one of these online slots we can even get a bonus that multiplies our winnings.

In this type of machine we will also find different specific bonus functions of each free slot machine, such as Bonus Bet, Max Bet or Auto Bet, most of the special rounds will be executed on the same game screen or on an additional screen.

The theme of comics and superheroes has many followers around the world, which is why the great developers are constantly offering us new models and machines, without forgetting that this is a theme that offers many possibilities when creating new ones. bonus modes and introduce novel changes to the structure of free superhero games.