Super Lady Luck (iSoftBet)

Type Slot machines
Rows 3
Thematic Superheros
Characteristics Free Spins, Bonus Round, 3d, Jackpot
Software ISoftBet
Ways to win 243
Reels 5
Games played 75
Rating 5

Super Lady Luck is a slot machine from the company iSoftBet dedicated to superheroes and cartoons. The slot offers 243 ways to create winning combinations. The 5 reel slot offers two progressive jackpots in real play, a bonus round with guaranteed prizes, the 10 free spins mode triggered by Scatter and an expansive wild. Live the adventures of Lady Bug with the free demo slot.

How to play Super Lady Luck slot

In the information panel, which is located below the main buttons, you can see the current bet, the balance balance and the winnings. Before you start spinning the reels you have to assign the value of a coin in credits. The button to assign it is in the lower right corner of the screen. Here’s how many credits a coin is going to be worth on the next spin.

The value of a coin is the ratio of two divisas in the game: coins and credits. One coin can be worth 0.01 to 1 credit. By clicking the button that modifies the value of the coin, you can see the change of the value of the bets on the left of the control panel.

The value of the bet corresponds to the current value of the coins. The minimum total bet is 0.5 credits if a coin is worth 0.01 credits, and the maximum bet is 500 credits when a coin is equal to 1 credit.

If you press one of the Bet buttons, you will be able to set the total bet on the next spin of the reels. The total bet can be set before or after spinning the reels. This cannot be changed during reel rotations.

The total bet is indicated in credits in the Bet window throughout the game; and furthermore the corresponding button is highlighted on the game panel.

The total sum of credits earned in the last rotation, according to the pay table, is indicated in the Winnings window. For each winning combination the amount won depends on the number of symbols followed. This number is multiplied by the coefficient indicated in the pay table.

The Spin button activates a rotation of the reels. When the reels are spinning, the button changes to Stop.It is used to immediately stop the rotation of the reels.

The Auto Spin button opens the automatic mode settings window. In this window the player can indicate the parameters necessary to start the automatic spins. In the Auto Spin Settings window the player can adjust the parameters to stop the automatic spins:

  • Loss limit, the minimum sum of credits in the game balance is indicated upon reaching which automatic spins will stop.
  • Stop is Win reaches, to activate this parameter you have to press the button on the left and then enter the value Win. This parameter indicates the maximum prize when winning which the automatic mode of rotations will stop.
  • Stop if Jackpot is won, to activate this setting the player has to click the button on the left. This parameter stops the automatic game after winning the jackpot.
  • Number of Auto Spins to play, is the number of spins in automatic mode.

A click on the Start button closes the Auto Spins Settings window and starts the automatic mode. The bet will be the same as it was before activating the mode. The Cancel button will cancel the settings made and the player will return to the main game.

When automatic mode is about to be started, the Auto Spin button will turn to Stop xx / yy. Here “xx” is the number of automatic spins left to be made, while “yy” is the total number of spins indicated by the player in Auto Spin Settings. A click on the Stop button stops the automatic rotations at any time.

Sometimes in automatic mode a combination falls on the playing field that starts the bonus round or free spins. In this case neither the bonus round nor the free spins will not be activated in the same way as in the main game mode. To activate them the participation of the player is required.

Game symbols and prizes Super Lady Luck

The Super Lady Luck slot machine has thirteen symbols. Some of these not only bring credits to the player, but also have a special function.

Five Lady Luck symbols can award you with the progressive jackpot. The wild symbol in the Super Lady Luck slot is expandable. That is, instead of occupying one square on the playing field, this symbol occupies two. Extended wild replaces any other image on the reels except the bonus symbol and Scatter.

The expandable wild symbol can appear anywhere on the reels except the first one. This can happen both during the main game mode and in the free spins mode.

The bonus symbol next to “extended wild” triggers the bonus game. The Scatter symbols initiate the free spins mode of the Super Lady Luck slot machine. Three, four or five matching symbols will award the player the following multipliers:

  • A blonde with blue eyes gives 5, 10 and 100.
  • Man in a black hat gives 3, 10 and 40.
  • Boy in a blue mask gives 2, 6 and 30.
  • Man in a violet suit with a bird in his hand gives 2, 3 and 20.
  • The A gives 1, 2.5 and 15.
  • The K gives 1, 2.5 and 12.5.
  • The Q gives 0.7, 2.5 and 10.
  • The J gives 0.5, 2.5 and 5 credits.
  • The 10 gives 0.5, 2 and 5.

The player will get these multipliers, if the current bet is five credits and the value of a coin is 0.01 credits. No combination of two matching symbols will be paid. The winning combination is a sequence of symbols. Winning combinations are formed from left to right, starting from the far left.

Ways to win and respins of the Super Lady Luck slot

In basic game mode or during free spins, if the symbols have not formed a winning combination, a repetitive spin will start. It is a free repeat spin with the same bet from the last spin.

After this reel spin, the symbols can form a winning combination. Repetitive spin is activated after the image of a woman dressed in red appears on the screen.

The calculation of prizes for the winning combinations on the Super Lady Luck slot machine is done in the unusual way. For example, on the playing field a winning combination has been formed, the symbols of which are in:

  • In the first position of the first reel.
  • In the first, second and third position of the second reel.
  • In the second and third position of the third reel.

To begin with, you have to multiply the number of neighboring equal symbols on each reel. That is, 1x3x2 = 6. Next, you have to look at what multipliers this combination of symbols will give. This can be done by opening the pay table.

For example, the combination formed is made up of the images of the man in a black hat. Under this image, in the pay table you can see the numbers 3, 10 and 40 with the current bet of 5 credits and the value of a coin equal to 0.01.

These are multipliers that are not awarded by the number of consecutive matching symbols, but rather by the number of three, four, and five neighboring reels. In these there has to be a winning combination.

Because the combination has landed on all three reels in a row, the number 6 has to be multiplied by 3. In total, for a combination of symbols of the man in a hat, the player will get 18 credits.

Free spins of slot Super Lady Luck

When three or more symbol images Scatter appear on the playing field, the free spins mode is activated. The mode includes ten spins. The symbol Scatter ​​is the image of the illuminated Eiffel Tower.

The bet in the free spins mode is the same as before starting the mode. After activating the mode, to perform the ten free spins the player has to click on the Start button.

The Scatter symbols can appear randomly anywhere on the reels, both in the main game and in free spins mode. In Free Spins mode the control panel has the following windows and buttons:

  • Free spins Left, indicates the rest of the free spins.
  • Current Win, is the prize for the last winning combination of symbols.
  • Total Win, is the total number of credits earned.

Additionally, a jackpot-awarding combination may appear on the reels alongside the combination of bonus symbols and three Scatter or more symbols. In this case, the player will receive the jackpot and the prize for the symbols Scatter. Then the bonus round will begin. After finishing the bonus game the free spins mode is activated.

In free spins mode the series of free spins can be re-activated. The bet will be the same as in the previous mode. During the free spins round, if no winning combinations have fallen on the playing field, a repetitive spin can be made. As in the main game, it will start when the image of the girl dressed in red falls.

When starting the repetitive spin, one, two or three reels, starting from the far left, will be filled with one of the ordinary symbols. That is, it can be any symbol for which the player will receive prizes, except the symbol wild, Scatter, Bonus and Lady Luck. The combination of symbols obtained after repetitive spins is considered a winner.

After finishing the free spins round, the player will be able to see the amount of credits won on the screen. To return to the main game you have to click on the Resume button.

Bonus game

The bonus symbol can appear randomly anywhere on the reels. Save the last reel during free spins mode or in the main game.

The Super Lady Luck slot machine bonus game is activated when the image with the word “Bonus” and the expandable wild symbol appears. They have to stand together on two neighboring reels.

Since the extended symbol wild occupies two boxes on the reel, the bonus round is triggered when the “Bonus” image goes together with the expandable wild symbol, in both the top and bottom positions.

The bonus round is not triggered when the bonus symbol and extended wild go together on neighboring reels, but the last symbol is not fully visible on the playing field. If two or more combinations appear on the reels that trigger the bonus round, the bonus round will only start once.

When the bonus game is activated, the player has to choose the character: Black Cat or Lady Luck. They are selected with a click on one of the characters.

The bonus round will award the player with free spins in the amount of two to six. The current amount of bonus spins is indicated in the Left Spins window. The bonus wheel is made up of twelve positions. Each of these will award the player a prize. The prizes are as follows:

  • One, two or three additional spins of the bonus wheel.
  • 5, 10, 25, 50 or 100 prize coins.
  • The boat.

If the up arrow points to the position with the bonuses, in this case the left or right arrow will correspond to the multiplier. The arrow will be on the left, if the player chooses Black Cat, and in case of choosing Lady Luck, the arrow will be on the right.

If the bonus arrow at the top has pointed to the prize coins, they will be multiplied by the number that the left or right arrow has pointed to. The current prizes are displayed in the Current Winnings window, and the total prize is indicated in the Total Winnings window.

Super Lady Luck Progressive Jackpot

The progressive jackpot can be obtained both in the main game, as well as during the free spins mode with the maximum bet. For this, it is necessary that five Lady Luck symbols appear on one of the game lines. If the maximum bet is not assigned, but only 0.5, 1 or 2.5 credits are wagered per spin on which Lady Luck appears, five or less of these symbols will award the player a regular prize. The exact sum of award credits for a given combination can be viewed via the pay table.

The sum of the indicated jackpot corresponds to the assigned value of a coin in credits. For example, if the value of the coin is 0.01, the sum of the jackpot will be 2,500 credits, and with the value 0.02, the jackpot will award the player 5,000 credits.

Any other winning combinations that appear on the reels when the Lady Luck progressive jackpot is won will pay out respectively.

Black Cat progressive jackpot

The Black Cat progressive jackpot can be won in the Super Lady Luck slot machine bonus game. The maximum progressive bonus can be obtained only on the spin with the maximum coin value. At the same time, the Black Cat pot can be won regardless of the bet the player has chosen.

The value of the progressive prize is renewed every 3 seconds. Between two consecutive renewals of this parameter, two or more players can win the pot in a row. In this case, the first player to win the pot receives the full sum of the progressive pot, and the next player will receive the minimum guaranteed pot and 0.5% of the bets placed between two consecutive surrenders.

The progressive Black Cat prize will always have the multiplier of x1. If the bet is maximum, progressive jackpots can be won in one play.