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The number seven is considered to have come from other casino games such as craps where if you roll a 7 on one die, you win. When the slots appeared, it made sense to use the number seven as one of the symbols Wild or Scatter.

The number 7 is everywhere, 7 days a week, 7 pecados capitals, 7 are the colors of the rainbow and the 7 wonders of the world. The number seven is also well loved in China. When you say seven in Chinese it sounds like life. Whatever the reason the 7 is thought to be lucky, if you find it on a slot machine most of the time you will be afortunath.

777 slot games online

There are many slot machine developers who offer in their catalogs slot machines with themes of the number 7, for this reason in our portal we have opted for the most recognized titles of the main developers, among which we have Lucky 7 from Betsoft, Hot s from GamesOS and Classic Seven of Kajot.

Lucky 7 from Betsoft

Within the slot offerings with themes of 7 we will find titles well known by fans of online slots, which have similar characteristics in terms of game dynamics and images, such as Lucky 7 from the company Betsoft.

Double Diamond from IGT

In Double Diamond developed by IGT we can find traditional symbols such as BAR, 7 or cherries, accompanied by a special image with two diamonds. Along with a traditional design, they offer us a good amount of payments and bonuses.

Sizzling Hot by greentube

Within the slots with sevens we have to mention Always Hot Deluxe and Sizzling Hot Deluxe developed and produced by Greentube. All these slot games present traditional symbols of the 7, the star, the bell, the fruits, the diamonds and the BAR, without forgetting the symbols specials that each machine can offer us.

Starburst of NetEnt

The number 7 can also be seen in the slot Starburst. A game developed by NetEnt, where its presentation and futuristic graphics will make us go almost unnoticed that the symbols used are the traditional ones, finding a design of the 7 with a futuristic style and a superimposed on top of the image of a planet, the same as we appreciate with the symbol of the star which will have the 7 colors of the rainbow inside or that of the BAR completely renewed and surrounded by a type of planetary aura.

In summary, we can say that within the slot machines that have the number seven as a symbol we find designs for all tastes.