Simply Wild (Novomatic)

Type Slot machines
Rows 3
Thematic Classics, Fruits
Characteristics Minigame
Software Greentube
Lines 1
Reels 3
Games played 635
Rating 3

Play for free online slot Simply Wild developed by Greentube in the retro style of a casino slot machine. This classic slot is unusual in that it offers three game screens, two of which are used in the main game and one in the bonus game. Learn how to play classic slot machines without downloading and without having to visit a casino, take advantage of bonuses and minigames to increase your prizes.

Slots Simply Wild free without downloading

At you can play for free and without downloading the Simply Wild casino slot machine. The game opens online in the PC browser after activating the Flash player. In addition, the slot machine is adapted to mobile devices with Android, iPhone or iPad and is offered in an HTML5 version with a few minor differences in the control panel design. To play free slot machines on your mobile you don’t have to download any additional programs, just click the Play button to open the game. offers a wide range of free online slots without downloading and without the need to register on the web.

In the main game of the online slot Simply Wild you can get combinations on both screens. One of them has three reels, a pay line, and fruit symbols. The second also has three reels, but with five pay lines and a crown symbol. The biggest prize in the main game is 200 coins, 100 for playing on the fruit screen, and 100 for playing on the field with the crown.

The bonus game takes place on an additional screen, consisting of four reels, three rows, and ten pay lines. The bonus game field offers four game versions: on five lines, with or without symbols Wild, on ten lines with or without the participation of the wild symbol. The maximum prize in the bonus game is 200 coins and is obtained with a combination of three stars.

How to play free slot Simply Wild

By starting the demo version of the free slot Simply Wild, the player has access to a free analog of the real game. The user automatically receives 500 credits on the account balance. This sum is used to pay for the reel spins in the main game. The amount in the account is displayed in the Credit window, which is in the control panel.

The betting system in the Simply Wild slot is not typical of most gaming machines. After starting the gaming machine, and before starting the rotation of the reels, the player will not have to choose the number of active pay lines, nor specify the amount of the bet. Rotating the reels in the main game, by default, will cost the player one coin. The currency is used to pay for the spins and for the calculation of the prizes for the winning combinations.

The account can be managed by establishing the value of the currency in credits. In the demo version of the slot machine, the coin value is 0.10 credits. This value is displayed in the “1 coin =” window and cannot be changed. In the real game, the user can select any value using the “+” and “-” buttons. The number of coins is reflected in the Coins window on the control panel. After assigning the value of the coins, the game can be started. The rotation of the reels can be executed using the buttons:

  • Start activates a rotation of the reels.
  • Autostart launches a series of automatic spins.
  • Start / To Super Meter is a button that allows a single rotation of the reels.

If two identical images landed on two reels (for example, the first and third) on the same payline, these reels can be pinned before starting a new spin. In this case the probability of getting a winning combination increases. To set the reels the buttons are used:

  • Hold A for the first reel.
  • Hold B for the second.
  • Hold C for the third.

If you manage to get a winning combination, the amount of the prize is displayed in the Win window. You can have your prize in two ways:

  • With the Start / To Super Meter button and transfer the received sum to the Super Meter counter.
  • With the Cancel / Win to Coins button and transfer the amount to your gaming account.

Super Meter is an additional account that is displayed in the window of the same name. This account is replenished with coins earned from successful spins. The accumulated sum in the Super Meter window can be used in the bonus game in the additional field. If the user wishes, he can also transfer the accumulated sum to the balance of the main game. To do this, you must press the Super Meter to Coins button. If a sufficient sum has accumulated in the Super Meter account, the bonus rounds can be launched. The player must use the Bet button to move from the main playing field to the bonus field. This button also activates and deactivates the possible modes in the bonus game.

The prize obtained as a result of a winning combination can be doubled in the double or nothing minigame. This function is only available in regular reel rotation mode. Automatic rotation does not allow participation in the mini game to double prizes. To activate the minigame, the buttons with images of coins are used (one of the two buttons located in the same place as the Hold C button). Another option is to choose one of the flashing images next to the field the crowns play on.

Symbols and prizes in the classic slot Simply Wild

In the main game there are 11 symbols, which create sequences on the pay lines and give rewards. All combinations are counted from left to right, starting from the first reel. If two symbols are hit in a row on the second and third reels, it is not considered a winning combination. The following symbols appear on the screen:

  • The cherry that contribute 2, 5 or 10 coins for one, two or three images.
  • Lemons, oranges, pears and plums give you 5 coins for two images and 10 for three.
  • The bell pays 5 and 23.
  • Strawberries give 5 and 50.
  • The grapes give 10 and 50.
  • Watermelons and seven give 10 and 75.
  • The stars reward you with 20 and 100 coins.

Even the simplest combinations give rewards that exceed the cost of the rotation. A cherry offers two coins, while the total bet is one coin. However, the Simply Wild virtual slot is a highly volatile gaming machine. Combinations appear on the payline infrequently. So it is more profitable to get a combination of three expensive symbols to exceed not only the cost of the last spin, but also that of some previous ones.

Main game features

Despite the fact that the main game may seem simple, and the probability of landing quite low winning combinations, the gaming machine offers several advantages. Due to these advantages, the user is more likely to receive a reward.

The first cool feature is the ability to fix the reels. The Hold function is one of the first benefits obtained in slot machines. The free online slot machine Simply Wild allows you to set one or more reels. This increases the chance of landing a winning combination on the next spin.

The second benefit is the special symbol that is not included in the general pay table. On the reels with fruit the crowns can come out. The combinations of these images are counted on a nearby screen with the flashing crown images. The additional display does not only consider the symbols on the center line. Crowns on adjacent reels (starting from the first) give the following prizes:

  • Two give a random sum of coins in a range of 2 to 50.
  • Three give 5 to 100 coins.

If the crown image appears in any position on the first or second reel, those reels are fixed. The player can remove the lock if the selected mode for the game is not automatic.

Slot Bonus

To start the rounds in the bonus game field, it is necessary to accumulate at least five coins in the account of the Super Meter window. This is the minimum bet for the spin of the bonus reels. The transition from the main game to the bonus game is done by pressing the Bet button. Depending on the sum that appears in the Super Meter window, four game modes can be selected:

  • Play on three reels and five pay lines at 5 coins for one spin.
  • Play on three reels and five pay lines with Wild symbols at 10 coins per spin.
  • Play on all four reels and 10 pay lines for 10 coins.
  • On four reels and 10 pay lines with wild symbols for 20 coins.

The more coins the player accumulates in the additional account, the more advantageous the game mode that can be activated. The mode can be selected by successively pressing the Bet button. There are nine symbols on the reels of the bonus screen:

  • Oranges, plums, pears and bells give 40 coins for three consecutive images.
  • Grapes, strawberries, watermelons, and sevens make 80 coins.
  • The stars give 200 coins.

If the player has enough credits to activate the Wild symbol bonus game, new types of images will appear on the screen. They look the same as the standard images, but with a mark in the shape of a star. Such images can substitute for any missing symbols in a possible combination.

Double or nothing minigame

The Double or Nothing minigame is only available in the main game in regular reel rotation mode. When a winning combination (fruit or crowns) is obtained on the screen, the sum obtained can be doubled with a probability of 50/50. The Simply Wild slot machine’s double jackpot round is a classic game of heads or tails.

Next to the field where the corona is counted, two circles start to flash. In one of them the side of the front face of the coin is shown, in the other the back. You must click on one of the two images, or use the additional coin-patterned buttons to predict the outcome.

In the case of a correct answer, the prize for the combination will be doubled. If you make a mistake when choosing the side of the coin, the prize for the combination will be void. If you want to add the earned coins to the game account or transfer them to the Super Meter account, you must use the Cancel / Win to Coins or Start / To Super Meter buttons.

The Simply Wild free slot machine is not as simple as its name suggests. It is a fruit slot that offers multi-screen play and a variety of bonuses with advantageous opportunities.

Unlike many classic fruit slot machines, Simply Wild allows the player to activate a bonus game. By accumulating coins in the additional Super Meter account, enough coins can be collected to play on favorable terms and receive bigger rewards.

At you can find a wide variety of free bar slot games and classic slots online without downloading to play for fun.