Reely Poker (Leander Games)

Type Slot machines
Rows 3
Thematic Innovative
Characteristics Bonus round
Software Leander
Lines 30
Reels 5
Games played 206
Rating 5

The slot Reely Poker made by the company Leander Games is available in trial mode to play for free. It has 5 reels with 30 pay lines. The maximum payout for ordinary symbols is 5,000 times the bet per line. The player will also be able to run a game of poker, but only if all pay lines are active. The Wild slot machine replaces any standard image. The bonus symbol transfers the player to the poker table.

Trapagerras Symbols

The symbols of the online slot Reely Poker are images of the deck of cards. The Joker plays the role of the Wild or wild symbol. You can substitute any standard image and form independent combinations. The sequences of the Wild give the player 10, 100, 1,000 and 10,000 times the bet per line.

The wild card cannot replace only the image of the “A” which is the symbol Scatter. The “A” brings the prize when it appears in any box on the game screen. Three “A” will award five times the total bet. Four Scatter symbols will pay 30 times the bet per spin, and five will pay 150. Additionally, the combination of three, four or five “A’s” kicks off the Multihand Infinite Hold’em bonus round.

Other symbols in the game only provide credit prizes. Among these are cards of all values. The coefficients of these images are multiplied by the bet per line and the total is paid to the player. The cards with numbers are put together in combinations of three, four and five images, the coefficients of prizes that these give are indicated in the pay table accessed with the Info button. The combinations of all the images, with the exception of the symbol Scatter , they have to start from the first left reel.

Multihand Infinite Hold’em Bonus

When three “A’s” appear on the reels, the Multihand Infinite Hold’em bonus is triggered. It takes place like a game of poker, but without the need to bet. In the first round of the bonus, the number of hands of the player to collect the combinations will be equal to the amount of the Scatter symbols that have appeared on the game screen.

The next game will start only in the case, if during the previous deal the player has received a combination of two pairs or more. In all games except the first, the player will have only one hand. In case if there are no combinations of two pairs or more, the bonus will be terminated.

After the deal the player will be able to get one of the standard Texas Hold’em combinations. Each combination will give a corresponding reward. It is calculated by multiplying the special coefficient by the total bet per spin, but in this case the Slot Poker bet is not taken into account. The winning combinations and their coefficients are presented in the Info paytable.

If you liked this unusual game that combines the features of a video slot with the game of poker, try your luck at Reely Poker with real bets, visiting one of the regulated online casinos.

How to play Reely Poker

By activating the slot, the player will receive 1,000 virtual credits to bet. It is a game currency in the demo version of the machine Reely Poker. The credit balance is displayed in the Balance window.

The Total Bet box shows the bet per spin. The bet is deducted from the player’s account for each rotation of reels. A spin is activated with the Spin button. To the left of this is the Start button that enables the automatic spins mode to be activated. Below the button is the box that allows you to choose the number of automatic spins. The following options are offered: 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100 gyroplanes.

During any spin the Spin button is replaced by Stop. Clicking on it stops the roll early. The same option is available for the Start button. Clicking Stop that appears instead will end the series of automatic spins. Remember that during automatic spins the total bet cannot be changed.

The value of the bet per spin depends on three parameters:

  • The number of lines.
  • Betting on a line.
  • Activation of the Slot Poker mode.

The first feature is set in the Lines window. The minimum number is 1 and the maximum number of paylines is 30. The Line Bet section helps to determine the bet per line. The value of this can vary from 0.01 to 0.5 credits. Next, we will talk about the third factor that influences the bet, which is the Slot Poker game mode.

The Slot Poker Mode

Slot Poker mode is available only when all 30 pay lines are activated. To activate the additional game press the ON button in the upper right corner. Then the player must choose hand A, B or C.

In this way, the player becomes the participant in the game of poker. The cards in the hand will correspond to the symbols that appear on a horizontal line selected by the player.

The Slot Poker mode requires you to make an additional deposit equal to 10 bets per line. If the combination on the selected line is beneficial, the player will receive three times the bet per game. This prize is equal to 30 times the bet per payline.

Three-hand poker combinations are made according to Texas Hold’em rules. The player gets Royal Flash, Street Flash, poker, and so on until the highest value card is reached. The Wild that appears on the reels does not participate in the formation of the poker combinations. Practically, this symbol reduces the number of cards in one of the hands.

The same happens when two cards of the same value or suit appear on a horizontal line. Only one of them participates in the combination in hand. To deactivate the Slot Poker mode the player will have to press the OFF button.