Psicosis (NextGen)

Type Slot machines
Rows 3
Thematic Films
Characteristics Free Spins, Minigame
Software NextGen
Lines 25
Reels 5
Games played 174
Rating 3

Psycho online slot from NextGen also known as Psicosis consists of 5 reels and 25 pay lines. The slot symbols are related to the movie Psicosis. The most profitable symbol is the Scatter which triggers the free spins round and gives the highest payout ratio (x2,500 for 5 images). All prizes can be multiplied with the game of double or nothing. Live a psychotic experience for free!

How to play Psycho Slot

To manage the Psycho slot, the company NextGen designed a special console under the reels.From this panel you can make practically all the standard settings, with the exception of the number of lines. There are 25 landlines that cannot be adjusted.

On the left side of the panel there are “Bet Down / Bet Up” buttons in the shape of red and blue triangles. With its help it is possible to adjust the level of the bet per line. In the free version of the slot machine, the user can vary the bet from 0.01 to 2.5 credits. Above the triangles is the coin icon that represents the maximum bet button. With one click, this icon sets the bet value per line to the maximum.

The green “Spin” button performs a spin of the reels with the parameters specified by the player. In the process of spins, it becomes the red “Stop” button with which spins can be stopped.

The button with a round arrow activates the automatic spins mode. A window appears on the screen where you can set the desired number of continuous rotations from 5 to 100. In the automatic mode settings window there is also the “Last Settings” button, which restores the last parameters, the “Cancel” button, which closes the window, and “Start”, which starts automatic rotations.

Above the start buttons is the blue “Gamble” button. It is activated only after a successful spin and is used to start the double or nothing game.

In the center of the control panel there are 3 information windows:

  • Total Bet is the total bet per spin that is obtained by multiplying the number of lines by the bet on one line: minimum: 0.25, maximum: 62.50 credits.
  • Win shows the prize obtained for each spin.
  • Balance is the player’s balance, which at the beginning of the game is 1,000 virtual credits.

At the bottom left is the blue “Info” button, which opens the pay table, brief description of the rules and the pay line diagram. Below it is the “Sound on / off” music note icon. It is used to turn the sound on and off. Below the reels is a window that displays tips and information during the game.

Slot Symbols

The Psycho Video Slot was created on the occasion of the legendary Alfred Hitchcock movie “Psicosis”. All the symbols of the machine are represented with the characters and objects of the film.

To make a profit, the user must collect 3 or more of the same symbols in a row on one of the pay lines. These sequences must be formed from the extreme left reel.

The images of the slot are classified into ordinary and special. The first group gives the user great prizes and is made up of themed images. Payment coefficients:

  • The woman for 2 images on the line gives x1, for 3 it gives x25, for 4 it gives x200 and for 5 she pays x1,000.
  • The man in the hat for 2 images in the line gives x1, for 3 he pays x20, for 4 he gives x100 and for 5 he gives x250.
  • The observing eye and a packet of bills for 3 images on the line give x15, for 4 give x50 and for 5 give x200.
  • The key with the number 1 times 3 images on the line gives x10, for 4 it gives x30 and for 5 it gives x150.

The ordinary symbols are the images of playing cards. These fall more frequently on the field of play, but do not award great prizes. Its coefficients are the following:

  • A: for 3 images in the line it gives x10, for 4 it gives x30 and for 5 you pay x150.
  • K and Q: 3 images on the line will give x5, 4 will give x25 and 5 will give x125.
  • J and 10: for 3 images in the line they give x5, for 4 they pay x20 and for 5 they give x100.

All these coefficients are multiplied by the bet on the line.

There are 2 special symbols in the game. In addition to the bonus features, they award the biggest prizes in the game.

  • Wild: for 2 images in the line it gives x2, for 3 it gives x25, for 4 it gives x250 and for 5 it gives x1,250.
  • Scatter: for 2 images you pay x25, for 3 you pay x50, for 4 you pay x375 and for 5 you pay x2,500.

It is worth noting that scatter is the only image that grants payouts not for sequencing in a line, but for its presence anywhere on the playing field. Their coefficients are multiplied by the total bet on the spin, and not by the linear, like the other symbols.

Free Spins in Game Psicosis

The Psycho slot machine offers the possibility to win more credits through a series of bonuses. These are activated automatically by means of the images wild and Scatter.

Symbol wild is shown in the game with its corresponding inscription. He can play the role of any of the images, helping to compose the winning combinations. The exception is the symbol Scatter which cannot be replaced by wild. Also, the winnings for combinations composed with the symbol wild can be increased x2, x3, x4, x5, x10 and x20 times randomly. This multiplier will appear to the right of the reels, with the “Bates Motel” sign.

The symbol scatter in the game is the main character’s wooden house. When these images appear anywhere on the reels, the user receives free spins:

  • 3 scatter will activate 10 free spins.
  • 4 scatter will give 15 free spins.
  • 5 scatter will give 20 free spins.

The wild symbols appear more often during the free spins round. They can also multiply the winnings by a combination, but with the largest coefficients: x2, x4, x6, x8, x10, x20 or x40. In the free spins mode, the scatter symbols can fall back on the reels, increasing the number of free spins respectively.

Double or Nothing Round

When the user makes a profitable spin of the reels, their winnings can be multiplied several times in the game of double or nothing. This game is activated by the blue Gamble button, which is located above the Spin button on the control panel.

Instead of reels, a new playing field will appear on the screen with a face down card. The objective is to match the color or suit of the card. With the help of the corresponding buttons, which are located on two sides, the player makes his selection. In the event that the user guesses the suit of the card, the prize for the spin will be multiplied 4 times, and if he guesses the color, it will be multiplied 2 times. But if the answer is not correct, all credits received in the double or nothing game and for the last spin will be canceled. Winnings can be collected at any time by clicking the “Take Win” button.

At the bottom of the playing field there are two windows showing the possible winnings. It is worth noting that the game to double prizes will not be available during the automatic spins and free spins mode. The prizes cannot be multiplied by more than 5 times in a row.

Hot keys and additional information

Some of the functions of the slot machine can be activated with the help of certain buttons on the keyboard. These keys are not mentioned in the game rules, but various tests of the slot helped to discover them. There are two hotkeys:

  • Left and right arrows, change the amount of the bet per line.
  • Space key, perform a spin.

An interesting feature of the game is the appearance of the additional wild symbol. When this happens, an animation of a hand with a knife appears on the screen. In free spins mode, the appearance of the wild symbol is accompanied by the murder scene in the shower.

The movie “Psicosis”

The Psicosis slot machine was created based on the famous film of the same name by Alfred Hitchcock released in 1960, which is the film adaptation of the book by American writer Robert Bloch. The plot is set in a mysterious motel run by a man named Norman Beyts and his mother. The main character’s life was lonely and monotonous, but everything changed when one rainy night at the door of the motel a beautiful girl named Mary Crane knocked. Silently watching the girl, Norman inadvertently fell asleep, and when he woke up, the girl was dead. These are the scenes set on the basis of the NextGen slot.

In short, the NextGen video slot is a slot machine based on the homonymous thriller by Alfred Hitchcock. The Wild symbol frequently falls in the game and the scatter symbol is also present which grants free spins. Visit online casinos to be able to bet real money on Psycho slot and other NextGen games.