Pirate Slot Features

Most of the symbols that we find in pirate slot machines are always related to pirate ships, hidden treasure maps, pirate swords, cannons, skulls, gunpowder, rum and how could it be otherwise, with exotic pets to those that we are accustomed to this type of personages. This, unlike other types of themes used to create games, produces that the symbols are often repeated a lot from one machine to another, keeping in mind that all of them will continue to offer us the presence of the basic symbols of any online slot machine as they can be. the symbols Wild, scatters or Bonus.

Pirate slots usually offer a themed bonus rounds or a series of free spins. Once we access these rounds we can get about Free Spins or additional prizes, we can even win a bonus that multiplies our earnings. Double or nothing games, if any, are activated by getting a winning round and give us the possibility of multiplying the prizes obtained.

Best free pirate games

Many game developers offer pirate-themed slots. Some of the most popular slot titles are Captain Venture from greentube, Ghost Pirates from NetEnt, Skulls of Legend and Pirates Island from iSoftbet as well as the Spanish pirate game Tesoro Pirata from MGA. As there are many adepts of pirates in the world, there are many adepts of pirates in the world. Slot developers are constantly offering us new online slot machines.

Ghost Pirates from developer NetEnt

In online slot games such as Ghost Pirates from the developer NetEnt we can feel the fear for two, this is because it is not only a pirate game but it is a game of ghost pirates, this is how we will find the ghost of the pirate Edd “a single eye”, who together with his pet the crazy monkey will try to ensure that the hidden treasure is not found by the ghost of the pirate Peggy Rotten together with his pet the parrot Polly they will use all the cannons and weapons at their disposal to finally get it and celebrate with a bottle of rum, as good pirates do, but if things are about pets, they will not be surprised when in the slot Booty Time of the well-known developer MicroGaming we find that the treasure is disputed between a pelican of the high seas, a pirate macaw and a buccaneer parrot, yes, one thing is certain, rum will not be lacking. But beware that not all your opponents can be “Alive”, this is what happens in the slot machine Ghost Pirates or Ghost Pirates produced by NetEnt in it we will find pirates that together with their devilish pets still dead do not stop chasing riches.

Captain Venture from greentube

The Captain Venture pirate and marine adventure slots have in common that they take us to another era. To a place where the most daring men go out to sea in search of new riches for a better future. In slot games we find characters like Captain Ventura created by greentube where the pirate searches for treasures to be able to return to the arms of his beloved. We embarked together to Captain Venture and its crew in search of surprising treasures, the sails of our ship unfolded and the watchman very attentive at the top of the mast to be able to see with his spyglass the long-awaited treasure island that will make us return to our beautiful beloved full of glory and riches, but be careful !! because when we arrive at the island’s bay we can find ourselves playing a Cannonball Bay slot machine from the Genesis company Gaming, where we will realize that this is not an ordinary bay, they are not ordinary waters and certainly, this is not an ordinary slot. Cannonball Bay is full of bounty hunters and gold intended by all pirates.

Pirates Island and Skulls of Legend from iSoftbet

On the island of the game Pirates Island created by iSoftBet, the only thing that has value is the map and the swords to ward off anyone who tries to snatch victory from us. We have to try to stay one step ahead, collect the long-submerged treasures and avoid the cannonballs. Pirates Island is a slot machine tailored for great adventurers.

Therefore, if you love adrenaline and are looking for challenges, spin the reels, and maybe you can become much richer! On the other hand, if we like to look for pirate treasures but without so much adrenaline we can play Pirates Island, developed by iSoftBet, A slot machine with pirate flags, long-awaited treasure maps, all this together with the figure of our mascot, a colorful macaw, and the image of our ship will make us enjoy good moments of distraction and more traditional pirate adventures, with the always current possibility of riches or the firm promise that at least we will have a good time.

When you play online you have to be careful because you can be caught in the middle of a naval combat with cannons echoing everywhere as can happen in the slot Skulls of Legend developed by iSoftBet. In this slot cannons, gunpowder and treasures are the only thing that It matters to be able to get to the treasure island.

Booty Time from MicroGaming

Believe it or not, pets can also be ambitious. If you don’t believe it, it’s because you haven’t played Booty Time. A slot game from the company MicroGaming where a macaw, a parrot and a pirate pelican compete for the greatest possible treasure. If you think you’ve seen it all, it’s because you haven’t tried playing pirate slots yet.