Mr. Hacker (MGA)

Type Slot machines
Thematic Classics, Fruits
Characteristics Bonus round, Jackpot
Software MGA
Lines 1
Reels 3
Games played 9,503
Rating 4.26

Mr. Hacker is a fun classic slot with 3 reels and 8 pay lines. Thanks to MGA, the Mr. Hacker slot brings us great prizes through its advance function, wilds, jackpots and up to 4 mini-games that increase your winnings. Try the slot for free and without downloading and try to hack into a world where justice and wealth are not well distributed.

How to play Mr. Hacker for free and without registration

A good Hacker must program to the last line of code so that everything goes well before acting. To put the code into operation, you need a minimum bet of 1 credit (0.20T, which is your game currency) or a maximum of 50 credits (10T). The bet amount can be modified from the Bet button and depending on the bet, the winnings will be higher or lower than you can check from the winnings plan on the main screen. In the box on the top right you can check your balance in T which would be your currency (€, $ etc) in the real game.

The slot game is divided into two screens: lower and upper. The strategy is to get enough Bonuses in the lower game to try to win big prizes on the upper screen. You only have to get on the payline, located in the center line of the reels, the symbols of the Hacker’s mask or the winning combinations that grant credits to transform into Bonuses.

You can consult the help menu (Button on the bars) and modify the language settings, game volume, play automatically and let the game do the thinking for you to obtain higher profits with the Auto Risk option.

Occasionally the Jackpot appears in both the lower and upper game regardless of whether you have made a winning combination. The jackpot will depend on the amount wagered.

Slot symbols and prizes

The Mr. Hacker slot symbols award the following prizes based on the stake:

Lower Game
Symbols Bets and Winnings (Credits)
  1 5 10 25 50
Hacker Mask One mask or more grant Bonuses
Wild (Wildcard) Replace any symbol in the game
Machine Arcade x3 Activate the minigame “Prize Draw”
Surveillance Camera Raise the paylines counter for the top game
Blue Diamond x3 200T 1000T 2000T 5000T 10000T
Red diamond x3 50T 250T 500T 1250T 2500T
Green Diamond x3 10T 50T 100T 250T 500T
Bell x3 4T 15T 15T 70T 70T
Lemon x3 3.2T 12T 12T 50T 50T
Orange x3 2.4T 9T 9T 30T 30T
Grape x3 1.6T 6T 6T 20T 20T
Plum x3 0.8T 4T 4T 16T 16T
Diamonds (Any) x3 0.4T 3T 3T 12T 12T
Superior Game
Symbols Bets (Credits + Bonuses) and Winnings
  1 + 1 5 + 5 10 + 10 25 + 25 50 + 50
Hacker Mask One mask or more grant Bonuses
Pen drive Stock up on USB sticks for an extra winning spin
Surveillance Camera They are used to play up to 8 pay lines in the superior game
Mixed Sevens In high stakes they give random prizes
Seven blue x3 200T 1000T 2000T 5000T 10000T
Seven red x3 100T 500T 1000T 2500T 5000T
Seven green x3 50T 250T 500T 1250T 2500T
Card x3 4T 10T 20T 30T 50T
Hacker Phone x3 4T 10T 20T 30T 50T
Disco hard x3 4T 10T 20T 30T 50T

Minigames with Mr. Hacker bonus

Up to 4 fun bonus mini-games offered by the Mr. Hacker slot, divided between the main game and the top game:

  • Prize draw: 3 arcade machines automatically give access to this minigame from the main screen, in which you have to stop the light that illuminates the machines to get your prize.
  • Discover Prizes: it takes 3 badges and luck to play discover the prizes hidden in the objects in the server room.
  • Choose Prize: if you get 3 hacker phones, you randomly access this minigame.
  • Trilero: you need luck and 3 discos to access the classic trilero game.

Play classic slots as if you were at the bar and win big virtual money. Have fun like never before.