Mision Espacial (MGA)

Type Slot machines
Rows 3
Thematic Classics, Fruits
Characteristics Bonus round, Minigame
Software MGA
Lines 1
Reels 3
Games played 5,976
Rating 4.11

Mision Espacial is a classic slot with 1 line and three reels. It has been created by the company MGA with a classic style and fruit symbols. The Mision Espacial slot has four bonus mini-games, a Wild symbol and the function of advancing the reels to get winning combinations and additional prizes.

How to play Space Mission for free

To play Space Mission you must choose the amount of the bet per line. In total, three options 1, 5 or 10 credits are available. Since there is only one payline, the cost of the spin is equal to the bet per line. In the coin slot Mision Espacial you can determine the value of the coin in credits.

Although the bet is made in credits, the prizes are given in coins. The current value of the change is shown at the bottom of the screen. In the demo version 1 credit is equal to 0.20 coins. Consequently, the cost of the spin varies from 0.20 to 2 coins.

The prize is received when three matching symbols are hit on the prize line. In cases where the combination of symbols is above or below the line, the player will not receive the prize. For each bet an individual prize is shown in the prize table. The user can get acquainted with the prize table directly on the main screen. It is located to the left and right of the reels.

Rotation of the reels is started by pressing the Start button. The second way to start the rotation of the reels is the Autoplay function. Pressing on this button opens a menu to select the number of rotations between 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500 or to infinity. There you can also activate the Auto-risk option, which in auto-rotate mode will spin the reel free when the Nudges bonus comes out.

The prize table is found by clicking the button with three horizontal lines on the tab with the question mark. The maximum jackpot in demo mode of the Mision Espacial game machine is 400 credits or 1,000 coins for three blue crystals.

Game Symbols Mision Espacial

Among the special symbols that act on the possibilities of forming winning combinations in the Mision Espacial slot machine, only the symbol Wild is available. Its role is interpreted by the image of the planet with an inscription that says, Wild. The wild symbol can replace absolutely any symbol on the payline including the Bonus symbol in the form of a gate. The Nudges function does not propagate to the special action of the symbol Wild, exiting the line will not create a winning combination. The symbol Wild does not award prizes by itself.

The bonus in the form of a girl’s portrait gives points for the top game. One symbol gives 1 point, 2 symbols give 2 points, and 3 symbols give 6 points.

Ordinary symbols are represented in the form of the classic images of fruits. Only combinations of three symbols are available. When playing a bet of 1, 5 or 10 credits, the player receives up to 2000 if he gets the blue crystals.

Slot Minigame

The Space Mission slot offers the opportunity to participate in a risky game, unusual for fruit machines. In fact, little depends on the player. The Nudges round is triggered randomly when on the reels there is a chance of landing a winning combination or part of it. The round begins when the icons in the Nudges windows start to flash, there it is shown how many times one or more reels can be moved, from 1 to 4.

As a general rule, nudges or the advance function puts two symbols on the line and then fixes the reels. The player can unlock the reel by pressing one of the three Nudges buttons on the control panel. Then you have to press the Start button for the other reels to repeat the free spin.

The second part of the round is the risk game, an additional prize. It is activated only when a bonus combination is obtained on the line. In the prize table, an animation of the selection of the second combination is shown in the column corresponding to the current bet, after which the amount of coins or points will be credited to the account.

Slot Bonus

There are four bonuses on the Mision Espacial slot machine. One is available in the main game and is activated by landing a combination of three symbols with the image of the door on the prize line. It is possible to get a Bonus symbol and one or two symbols Wild. A new screen opens with several doors. The number of bonus points that can be obtained is written on each of them. To start the round it is necessary to press the Start button. In the prize table this round is referred to as Bonus Game 1.

The remaining three bonus rounds are only available in the top game. To unlock it, the player must get a bonus symbol with the image of a girl in the main game. Starting with 1 bonus point, you can press the Change Game button. The more points, the higher the stake can be.

In Upper Game a second set of symbols is used with new payouts, depending on the bet. At a bet of 1.5 and for blue 777 you receive 200, 1,000 or 2,000 coins and for red 777 you receive 100, 500 or 1,000 coins.

When you select a bet of 10 credits on five lines, three more are added:

  • Bonus 2 gives the opportunity to choose one of the meteorites to receive a bonus coin prize.
  • Bonus 3 opens a screen with several cells, through which it is necessary to move the Shuttle to get one of the prizes indicated on the game screen.
  • Bonus 4 opens a screen with a roulette wheel. At the end of the spinning wheel, the win will be calculated according to the value of the cell.

The Space Mission slot machine is perfect for those who have just mastered the complexities of gambling. The minimum number of pay lines, the simple choice of the bet and having the pay table in front of your eyes, help not only to familiarize yourself with the basics of the game on the machine, but also to develop your tactic of rotation of the cards. reels.