Mega Joker (Novomatic)

Type Slot machines
Rows 4
Thematic Fruits
Characteristics Scatter, Minigame
Software Greentube
Lines 40
Reels 5
Games played 2,213
Rating 3.6

The Mega Joker slot machine from Greentube has 5 reels with 40 pay lines and is designed on the classic fruit theme. The Joker serves as a wild and the star is a scatter symbol that stops in any position. Winning a prize gives you the option to increase its amount in the game by double or nothing. The slot is featured on in the demo version to play for free online for fun.

Rules of the game Mega Joker

At the start of the demo game on the free slot Mega Joker the player receives 500 credits for the game. Updating the page will result in the account having 500 credits again, even if there were previously more credits. The first steps before starting the gaming session are adjusting the parameters of the slot machine.

Initially, the player must place a bet on the line. To do this in the Bet / Line window you must press the “+” and “-” buttons. The minimum bet per line is 0.01 credits, the maximum is 2 credits. The amount of the prize sum when obtaining a winning combination depends on the amount of the bet per line.

The next step is to determine the active pay lines. According to the rules of the Mega Joker game machine, winning combinations are those that are on an active payline. This means that when playing with 20 pay lines out of the 40 available, only the combinations that are obtained on lines 1 to 20 are counted and those that come out on other lines will not be counted. By pressing the number buttons on both sides of the game screen you can see the outline of the pay line. To change the number of active pay lines the player must click on the number buttons, or by using the “+” and “-” buttons in the Line window.

The parameters, Bet / Line and Lines, form the amount that will appear in Total Bet, which is the real cost for a rotation of the reels. If the account balance is less than the total bet, the button will be inactive.

The prizes are given by the matching symbol combinations located on one of the active lines starting from the first reel. If the symbols are on the first, second, third and fifth reels, the prize will be awarded only for the first three. The Scatter symbol combination is the only exception to this rule, and will award prizes when it appears anywhere on the game screen.

The prize table is opened by clicking on the Paytable button, here all the symbols and the number of credits they contribute for the combinations of different lengths are listed. By varying the bet per line, you can see how the payout coefficient varies.

The player can start the rotation of the reels in the regular mode or in the automatic rotation mode. Pressing the Start button will launch a single rotation of the reels. When the reels stop, the winning combinations will automatically be highlighted and the prizes from all the lines will be added together. The Gamble button executes the round of the risk game. In auto-spin mode, activated by the Autoplay button, the reels spin non-stop as long as there are credits on the account. The player can stop the autoplay function at any time. There are several information windows in the control panel that help you navigate the game:

  • Credit shows the status of the player’s account.
  • Bet reflects the total bet.
  • Last Win the payment for the last spin.
  • The tips window displays pertinent tips.

In the upper right corner of the screen there is an icon to regulate the sound on the machine Mega Joker and to switch to full screen mode.

Game symbols and payouts Mega Joker

The reels Mega Joker slot symbols are divided into two groups of unequal size, special and ordinary. The first ones are the symbols Wild and Scatter. The detailed description of them can be found in the Pay table tab.

The symbol Wild is the image of the Joker. When it appears on the line, you can substitute for any symbol to form a winning combination, if the matching symbols are separated by a cell, or you can extend the winning combination for a bigger prize. The Wild symbol alone cannot replace the Scatter symbol. In this case, if the Joker appears on the first, second and third reels, he will form his own combination and pay according to the pay table. When playing at the maximum bet it will offer the following payouts:

  • 3 Joker give 80 credits.
  • 4 Joker give 400 credits.
  • 5 Joker give 4000 credits.

The symbol Scatter is the image of a star. Only give prizes in credits. Its advantage over ordinary symbols is that it forms its combinations regardless of where it appears on the reels and the pay lines. The Scatter symbol gives the highest payout on the Mega Joker video slot. At a maximum bet they are:

  • 3 stars give 320 credits.
  • 4 stars give 1600 credits.
  • 5 stars give 32,000 credits.

The ordinary symbols of the gaming machine are the classic images of fruits. By determining the Bet / Line value equal to 2 credits, the player will receive:

  • Cherry, lemon, orange or plum pay 8, 40 and 200 credits.
  • Watermelon and grape give 16, 80 and 360 credits.
  • Pears and strawberries offer 40, 120 and 480 credits.
  • Seven of bronze and gold give 40, 160 and 800 credits.

When you play betting on the maximum possible bet, the cost of the spin is equal to 80 credits. It can be offset if the player gets four or five symbols of Watermelon, Grapes, Pears, Strawberries, Seven, or various winning combinations on different pay lines.

Double or nothing game

The only affordable way to increase your winnings on the Mega Joker online slot, apart from the main game, is the risk game. The risk game is available when winning combinations appear on the game screen. Depending on the bet per line, the sum of the payment that can be wagered in the risk game varies: for 0.01 credits no more than 200 credits, with 2 credits it can be 40,000 credits. It should be noted that the risk game is not available in auto-play mode, even if a winning combination has come out.

The double or nothing game is opened by pressing the Gamble button, located on the control panel. A hidden card and two buttons will appear in a new window to select its color. Above the card the user can see the history of the game and the information windows: Gamble Amount that shows the sum of the pay per spin, which is in play, and Gamble to win that shows the possible sum that can be won in if you are successful in choosing the correct color for the card.

To win you must guess the color of a card, red or black. The correct answer will double the prize previously obtained, the incorrect answer will cancel the entire prize and the player will return to the main game.