Magic Slots

Magic Slots Features

Slots are somewhat magical games. They make us live adventures transporting us to dream worlds where the magical and the mystical intermingle with each other, we can see the inhabitants of a magical forest or a sorcerer making potions and spells to conquer the world

But do not feel disappointed if you have not heard what you expected to hear related to magicians so far, because we will also have slots that use magic as we are used to imagining it usually, that is, for our own benefit, in order to achieve all our wishes, That is why you do not have to wait any longer, sit at fortuna3do, make a wish and surely one of our free online slots will grant it to you.

Fantastic tales and magicians have always existed, giving rise to endless stories, tales and legends, in addition to occupying an important place in our daily lives to talk about some unusual event, remember or simply reflect on the strange things that happen to us. Usually, and trying many times to give some logical explanation to something illogical, magicians will always be a good explanation. Within the online slots with magical themes we can find a very wide variety of types of games.

Love is usually related to seduction and this is what we will find in the slot Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe, a machine produced and developed by Greentube, in this machine the attractive protagonist of the story tries to seduce us using all the female weapons available, but neither He will hesitate when resorting to certain lucky charms such as a rabbit’s foot, a horse’s horseshoe or a 4-leaf clover, he will not even hesitate to use the magic power of a crystal ball, in order to obtain his objectives, in this type of situation if we want to see our wishes fulfilled at any price what we will have to do is play the slot developed by NetEnt, The Wish Master where we will resort to the genie of a lamp found along with many other treasures in a mysterious cave, which through obtaining different combinations of magical gems will satisfy our wishes to a greater or lesser extent.

The World of Oz or El Mundo de Oz slot from the developer company Rival gaming is a 5 reel, 50 payline slot machine. It has a plot inspired by a world of witchcraft. It does not lack the famous characters of the story, that is, Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tin Man and the Lion, but neither are the shoes, the sorceress and the monkey. Between Wild wild symbols and free spins the Mago de Oz will help you get to the City Esmeralda.

Through the combinations of these precious stones it will give us the necessary money so that we ourselves can satisfy our desires, mystical amulets or magical beings are quite frequent within this theme, that is why we can also find games directly dedicated to any of them as we can see in Fire Horse developed by the company IGT. The story revolves around the figure of a magical horse wrapped in a mystical fire that is sometimes light blue as if it were glacial fire. We also have a horse surrounded by red fire that together with other symbols such as cards offer us extra money.

Magic Slots Symbols

Most of the symbols that we find in this type of machines set with magical themes will always be related to a main character and magical powers around the story that may surround the game, this makes it different from other types of themes used to create games, it is very difficult to find that the symbols are repeated from one machine to another, bearing in mind that all of them will continue to have the presence of the basic symbols of any slot machine such as the Wild, Scatters or bonus symbols.

It is worth mentioning that within this theming we will also have the magical variants of being able to enter magical fantasy worlds as will happen to us in the Avalon slot designed by Microgaming. The striking image of the “Woman from the Lake” will remind us at each turn of the reels that nothing that happens in the city escapes her knowledge. The royalty will have to please her and follow her advice, something that we would have to take into account if we want her to guide us with her wisdom and magic to the greatest treasures that the city offers.

Magical is the environment that we find in the online slot Fairy Queen from the producer Greentube. In an enchanted forest we are guided by a beautiful fairy who teaches us the different secrets of the magical forest and its inhabitants. We find amazing characters such as magical elves, little dragons with butterfly wings and the spirit of the forest among other less striking symbols.

Online gambling machines with magicians usually offer endless different representations on the reels, this will depend a lot on the history of the game, what we can say is that all the symbols will make us feel fully immersed in this adventure, fighting Against adversity in order to achieve our goal, even the bonus games that we can find will be based on special characteristics of the game’s history.

Most of the rounds with free spins will be activated by landing 3 or more specific symbols, such as Scatter, Wild or the bonus. Once we access these rounds we can get additional free spins, playing in one of these online slots we can even get a bonus that multiplies our winnings. Within the magician slots there are endless variants and games to start trying your luck.

Manufacturers of Slot Machines with Magicians

There are many slot machine developers who offer in their catalogs slot machines with magicians themes, for this we have opted for the most recognized titles of the main developers of Greentube (Fairy Queen and Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe), Microgaming (Avalon), NetEnt (Wish Master) Rival gaming (World of Oz).

The magic theme has many followers that is why the great developers are always creating new games or increasing the saga of a successful title already introduced in the market, while offering new models of machines, without forgetting all the possibilities that offers this theme when incorporating new bonus modalities and introducing novel changes in the structure of the games.