Halloween Slots

There are many slot machine developers who offer in their catalogs slot machines with themes of Halloween, for this reason in our portal we have chosen the most recognized titles of the main developers, among which we will have IGT with Black Widow, EGT with Halloween, NetEnt with Devils Delight and Playtech with Halloween Fortune and Haunted House.

1. Halloween from EGT: It is not clear when the celebration of Halloween began as a fun and unique party. What we can describe is the sensation produced by the noise of the reels accompanied by dark and macabre sounds when playing in the online slot Halloween developed by the company EGT. The slot machine is presented in a gothic style, its symbols have nocturnal characteristics and the sound effects are fascinating. A kind of sinister man with the characteristics of Dracula, the gloomy image of a basket with sweets, a large witch’s hat next to her magic broom, a large black cat and the image of a gigantic furry tarantula cannot fail to be present in a game like this.

2. Halloween Fortune de Playtech: Another different way of reflecting the spirit of Halloween can be found in the Halloween Fortune slot developed by Playtech. In it we see the particular way that witches celebrate it. Three beautiful witches dressed in dresses of different colors, with their large peaked hats and riding their flying brooms will be in charge of making our luck on this dark day the best possible. They will not hesitate to use magic potions and good luck charms to counteract the bad omens that the images of a black cat and the presence of a raven portend.

3. Black Widow from IGT: The Black Widow slot machine designed by the company IGT, as its name lets us glimpse, is related to the black widow. In the game, a beautiful woman seduces a group of businessmen to obtain wealth and power. She is known as the black widow, a kind of spider that first seduces its victim and then captures her and feeds her needs little by little until they die and this is precisely what she wants, do not let her weave her web on you because you will be lost.

4. Devil’s Delight from NetEnt: Another different approach can be seen in the Devil’s Delight slot developed by NetEnt. The graphics are represented in the form of cartoons. A little red demon with a trident in his hands or a demon with a habano dressed in a jacket and tie, the image of death and his scythe and a sexy little devil with a seductive look are the symbols of the slot machine.

5. Haunted House from Playtech: The Haunted House online slot from Playtech has a very simple presentation. Not only because of the number of lines of play, but also because of the graphics. The story takes place in the castle of the count Dracula, where we must hunt down the mythical vampire and find his coffin walking through the dark castle lighting us with the dim light of candles. To kill the vampire we will have objects such as a blessed dagger, a sacred crucifix and a head of garlic, a simple but very addictive game not only for the adventure of the story but also for the prizes that we can collect in it.

Halloween Slot Machine Features

Among the games of Halloween we find slots with pumpkins, gatos blacks and skeletons. We can find terrifying graphics All the symbols that we find in this type of machine are always related to the traditional party, from its most characteristic characters to the less common to see, this makes it different from other types of themes used for Online slot games, practically most of the symbols are repeated between one machine and another, keeping in mind that all of them will continue to have the presence of the basic symbols of any slot machine, such as the Wild, Scatters or bonus symbols.

Online slots with themes of Halloween usually have images related to this theme on the reels, this will make us feel immersed in the dark and gloomy atmosphere of this party, even the bonus games that we can find will be based on some characteristic of this party or the theme that has the game as the main story.

Most free spins rounds will be triggered by landing 3 or more specific symbols, such as Scatter, Wild or the bonus. Once we access these rounds we can get additional free spins, playing in these online slots we can even get a bonus that multiplies our winnings.

In this type of theme, risk games are activated making us feel an extra emotion in our winning spins and giving us the possibility of doubling the prize obtained, for this we will have to choose the hidden color of a card, between red or black.

In these slots we will also find different free specific bonus functions such as the free spins Bonus or the Witches’ Brew Bonus, most of the special games will run on the same game screen or on an additional screen. Some slots scare you, while others make you laugh or even cute.