Gran Safari (MGA)

Type Slot machines
Thematic Classic, Animals
Characteristics Bonus round, Minigame
Software MGA
Lines 1
Reels 3
Games played 1,347
Rating 5

Fruits, diamonds, lions, intrepid explorers and African tribes create the perfect environment for this fun classic slot machine developed by MGA. Gran Safari is not only your typical double-game slot machine, it also includes up to four Arcade-style mini-games. Try the slot for free without downloading at and get great bonuses.

Lower game

Gran Safari is a classic 3 reel, 11 symbol slot machine. The main game of the slot or also called lower game and has a pay line. The reels will start spinning as soon as you press the Play or Accumulate button. If on the payline you get any of the combinations from the Pay Screen located on the right margin, you can win jackpots or acquire bonuses to play in the higher game.

The Gran Safari slot hides incredible strategies for the most daring who want to cross the African jungle, such as, for example, getting as many bonuses as possible in the lower game to be able to access the higher game where you can get bigger prizes. Forget about collecting possible winning combinations of lesser value and invest the prizes of the lower game in bonuses by pressing the Play / Accumulate button.

How to get Bonus?

Binoculars and compasses are the symbols that will help you get Bonus. Don’t forget the explorer’s cap-shaped joker that substitutes for any combination to get jackpots and bonuses.

To get bonus in the slot the symbols have to appear on the only payline of the lower game or the variable pay lines of the upper game. Therefore, any combination of winning figures both horizontally, vertically or diagonally have a prize in the superior game.

The winning symbol combination that is set on the payline has a payout based on the combination of symbols and the type of bet placed. Remember that not all symbols are the same or have the same value.

Top game

Take the compass and the binoculars and come and discover the superior game of Gran Safari. Remember that it is only accessible with bonuses and credits. If you don’t have bonuses, the Game Change button doesn’t work. If you have enough bonuses, but do not have credits, you will not be able to play in any available mode of The Gran Safari.

If we go a little deeper into the African jungle of the upper game, the symbols, pay lines and the jackpots have a higher value for the simple fact of betting credits and bonuses at the same time to be able to play.

Minigames by Gran Safari

The top game of the Gran Safari slot machine hides three of the four minigames accessible randomly when you hit certain combinations:

  • Compass Game: if you manage to align 3 compasses in the lower game, you access the Compass Game. A magnetized needle appears on the ground and moves like a roulette wheel. Choose an animal, this represents a bonus number that you will get when the compass hand stops.
  • Game of the Monkeys: if you manage to align 3 skins on any of the existing pay lines, you access the Game of the Monkeys to be able to multiply the pot.
  • Tour game: if you manage to align 3 shields in the upper game, you access the Tour game. A game where you use the Advance and Hold feature to move the scout to the lions’ mouths. But, these lions do not eat you, they give you fantastic prizes that you can exchange for bonuses or credits.
  • Game of the Way: if you manage to align 3 lions, you access the Game of the Way. Click on a rotating shield. You will advance squares based on the number marked on the shield, as in traditional board games.

A simple slot with good prizes

Gran Safari wants to make things even easier for you. Help yourself with the drop-down menu to solve your doubts and learn the keyboard shortcuts to liven up your games in a much more comfortable way.

You can also play your games in automatic mode with the SELF-RISK button. Let the machine and its algorithm take your own risks optimally. You can now play the Gran Safari slot for free and travel in a Jeep through the African savannah.