Galactica (MGA)

Type Slot machines
Rows 3
Thematic Classic, Diamonds
Characteristics Bonus round
Software MGA
Lines 1
Reels 3
Games played 42,544
Rating 4.5

Galactica is a slot machine in English about space with two game modes. It has three reels and a pay line in the main game. You can switch to the top game that has 8 paylines by accumulating bonuses in the main game. The online slot includes four bonus minigames and an advance function to move the reels to four positions. Among the slot symbols there is an icon Wild and a bonus symbol. The demo version of the game Galactica from MGA allows you to play for free and gives you the opportunity to try the game without depositing and without downloading it.

How to play Galactica slot for free without downloading

The free no-download slot Galactica is available in Spanish. Set the game to the Spanish language in the menu that opens when you press the button with the three horizontal lines on the left of the screen below the reels. Here you can also see the rules of the game and the functions of the 4 mini games.

Set your bet from 5 to 75 credits before starting the reel rotation. The value of the bet can be selected with the Bet button that reflects the payout coefficient of each combination of symbols on the right side of the reels in the pay table. Once all your settings are done, start the rotation of the reels with the Play button that performs a single rotation of the reels, or you can play in the automatic rotation mode. To do this, press the Auto-Play button under the Play key that opens a window where you can choose the number of automatic rotations from 10 to infinity and activate the risk game automatically after each victory.

Main slot game

When you start playing the Galactica slot, the main game opens with 3 reels, a single payline, and the Hold and Advance features. In this game mode the special symbols are:

  • The three orange gems that activate the Prize Draw minigame if you manage to line up a combination of three symbols on the payline.
  • The purple gem is the Bonus and offers 30 bonuses for three symbols on a payline, 10 bonuses for 2 symbols and 5 bonuses for 1 symbol.
  • The Wild symbol is the yellow gems that substitute for any symbol in the game.

When there is the possibility of creating a winning combination the game machine allows you to move the reels from one to four positions at random with the three Advance buttons to obtain a prize. The Hold feature fixes 2 reels that have the same symbol and allows you to spin the third for a win.

Galactica Top Game

Accumulate bonuses in the main game so that you can move to the higher game mode where the number of lines becomes 8. It also has special symbols such as planets, galaxies and green diamonds that launch three bonus minigames at random for a combination of three matching symbols on a payline.

This game mode also has additional functions such as:

  • Rising vertical lines. Each time you manage to get the Sun symbol anywhere on the reels, the number of vertical lines on the slot increases.
  • Combined Bar symbols. You get a random prize if you combine Bar symbols of different colors and if you play at the maximum bet.
  • Cumulative game. When you get the star symbol anywhere on the reels the star counter fills up. When the counter fills up completely you receive an extra winning spin.
  • Symbols with a sun mark increase the vertical line counter in the top game.

You can also increase the number of Bonuses when the purple gem symbol appears on the screen.

Slot Prizes Galactica

You get the prizes in the Galactica slot when you hit a sequence of three matching symbols on the payline. The pay table reflects the prizes for each combination of symbols according to the selected bet:

Three Symbols Payouts if you bet 5 Payouts if you bet 15 Payouts if you bet 25 Payouts if you bet 50 Payouts if you bet 75
Red seven 1000 3000 5000 10000 15000
Yellow seven 200 600 1000 2000 3000
Blue seven 40 120 200 400 600
Yellow diamonds 20 60 60 200 200
Green gems 16 48 48 160 160
Orange gems 12 36 36 120 120
Blue gems 8 24 24 80 80
Violet gems 4 12 12 40 40
Seven of different colors 2 6 6 20 20

Slot Minigames Galactica

The Galactica slot has 1 minigame in the main game and 3 minigames in the upper game that are randomly triggered by combinations of 3 matching symbols:

  • Prize-winning minigame that triggers when you match three orange gems in the main game. In the minigame you have to choose between the flashing crystals.
  • Cumulative roulette minigame that you access with three planets. Choose the prizes listed. The final prize is the sum of all the prizes.
  • Walkthrough minigame that you access when you manage to align a sequence of three galaxies. You take a tour where as you progress you receive prizes. When Exit comes out, the game ends and you get the sum of accumulated prizes.
  • Board minigame that is activated with three diamonds. When you manage to get three diamonds of the same color you receive a prize.

You can double your prize after hitting a winning combination in either of the two game modes of the Galactica slot.

The prize in the main game can be increased when you manage to click on the pay table in the combination higher than the winning one, otherwise you receive the equivalent in bonuses. In the superior game the prize is doubled if you manage to click x2, if you do not do it you receive bonuses.

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