Free Theme Slots – Animals, Cleopatra and Classic

Classic, Neon and Fruit Slots

What could be better than enjoying the true Vegas atmosphere sitting in front of the classic neon or fruit machines with bells, bars and sevens:

  • For all those who feel a little nostalgic for the “good old days” of Classic slot machines with their bars and fruits on three reels, this is your topic.

  • The afortunados symbol of the Sevens is present on all these sevens slot machines, a number that continues to appear in history, as well as in religious texts such as the Bible.

  • Long live Las Vegas! This is a theme created for all those slot machines that recall the style of the gambling capital of the world.

  • The Neon-themed online slots have a futuristic style with neon symbols presented on a dark background that provides a contrast to the striking images of the game.

  • Classic three-reel Fruits games are always worth your while, with their traditional fruits and bars (which once represented the different flavors of chewing gum that you could win as prizes by playing the original slots) are brought together in this theme. For those of us old enough to remember mechanical machines, it’s a nostalgic trip down memory lane, and for everyone else it’s a look back at how things once were.

Ancient Egypt Slots

Egypt is such a powerful and popular slot style that we at thought it was worthy of 4 fantastically separate themes as follows:

  • The Egypt theme is dedicated to the history and heritage of the land of Egypt, home to ancient civilizations, with adventurers battling booby traps, solving puzzles, and deciphering hieroglyphs to reach treasures (not pirate treasures) beyond your dreams. crazy.

  • Cleopatra, last pharaoh of Egypt, a lady who regained the throne through thick and thin, used politics as her main weapon against some of the most powerful men in the ancient world, such as Julius Caesar and Marco Antonio, her fame has reached these machines Online slot machines have also hit countless film, television and theater jobs.

  • Pyramids, being emblematic buildings of the ancient world, are associated for many with hidden treasures, adventures, lost secrets, cunning traps, all in a context that includes the majestic River Nile and the endless golden landscape of Egypt, a formidable setting to play in. line.

  • The omnipotent Pharaohs of ancient Egypt, considered the living incarnation of deities in their time, the supreme rulers of life and death, and for whom the pyramids were erected as gates of the afterlife are celebrated on this theme.

Adventure Slots

Take a break from reality so you can be a part of your favorite adventures on epic missions to recover lost treasure, repel evil super villains, or rescue a world on the brink of destruction, the prizes will be plentiful if luck is upon you. side.

  • All the slot machines that are of the Pirate type have been grouped together here for your convenience, including anything that says argh !!, when boarding or firing a cannonball.

  • Treasures, luxury and valuable objects, treasures of ancient civilizations and other treasures that are not pirated will be found here.

  • Who has not enjoyed living the adventures of the heroes Greece through books and movies? Well now we can do the same with online slot games, each with a clearly defined hero to save the day.

  • features Superheroes with super powers and super costumes to save the day, thwart super villains, and perhaps receive people’s gratitude.

Wizard Slots

Hubble’s bubble, work and trouble, battles between good magic and black magic, mist-eyed monsters, and fiery death raining down from the black sky are just some of the pleasures that await the player at the moment. suitable. may show you the way, but it is you who must walk the path alone.

  • Magic – the world we see before our eyes is not enough for everyone, explore here, the realms that would otherwise be hidden from us, feel the magic, create spells and search for magic potions.

  • In our Zombies and vampire themed slot machines, we feature the undead, immortal vampires and other creatures from the underworld, some truly terrifying, while others quite hilarious offer a lighthearted glimpse into the world of horror.

  • Halloween has its own theme here but is it a gimmick or a gift?

  • Perhaps the most inspiring mythical creatures are Dragons, and here we present the best, fiercest, noblest and most terrifying dragons in the world of video games.

Music Slots

Built into the game here are all the games specially dedicated to those aspects of our lives that make life worth living. Where would we be without our favorite music, sports, food, eroticism, TV shows and movies?

  • Some of us love our Music, and the slot machines available in this theme combine music with play.

  • The world of Sports and betting have always been inextricably linked to games and that tradition continues on the reels with some of our most popular sports.

  • Glorious Sweets, the climate you live to eat or eat to live, all your culinary needs are catered for here with the chance to win well-deserved prizes.

  • Good fun will be found in Sexy Girls games that include online slots packed with toned muscles, glowing tans, athleticism at its best, and a great deal of eroticism along with the thrill of the game.

  • In the TV & Movies category we have the opportunity to play in a world of imagination alongside the cast and characters of some of our favorite TV shows and blockbusters from Hollywood, with music, images and sounds that completely immerse us in the narrative of the game.

Animals and Jewels Slots

Here we will find something for all tastes, whether you are a history fanatic, an animal lover or even looking for something innovative and different, you will find something in the following categories of games.

  • Animals, it was thanks to Noah’s ark and they went two by two, if it is an animal one of the characteristics that defines the slot you are looking for, surely it will be here, among them we can have wolves, panthers, coyotes, gorillas or funky monkeys .

  • Sea, seashells, dolphins, sharks and ships feature some of the symbols in the marine-themed online slots. Feel the relaxing sea breeze, the sun on your skin and play your way.

  • Beautiful Asian princesses abound in the Asian theme, waiting for a brave hero to help them with their missions and even to receive their charms.

  • If you dream of following in the footsteps of historical figures, through ancient worlds and civilizations during the culminating moments of human history, the topic of History is for you.

  • This is a popular theme filled with Jewels and diamonds of all kinds, shapes and colors. So why not add a little zing to your life by playing these immensely popular games filled with exploding and disappearing gemstones?

  • Innovative slots include different games with innovative themes – here has brought together all those slot machines worthy of a theme in their own right, those hard-to-define themes that defy gender and that delve into uncommon territory in design. , the plot, the narrative or the alternative game.