Free History-Themed Slot Games

Feature of Slots Inspired by Historical Facts

History unfolds before our eyes with a great variety of fun and interesting free online history slot machines. Join the Vikings as they disembark on new unknown shores in an epic adventure to remember with a desire for conquest and blood, the Greek gods are awaiting our adventures while wishing us good luck on the way, we will see how the brave soldiers of Sparta faced before our very eyes, victory is surely guaranteed as we accumulate an empire of profit. Go back in time to the time of ancient Rome and examine the Colosseum in all its glory, feeling like a great gladiator, ancient riches, Aztec gold and much more.

Travel to another time, put on your cowboy hat and load your weapons to face a gun battle in the Wild West. This is not some boring history class, here you can teach a history lesson and show your spirit of adventure. Whatever your destinations, by playing the history of free online casino slot machines, you will have a pleasant moment of distraction, and undoubtedly untold riches along the way!

Slot Developers with History

Most of the symbols that we find in this type of machine will always be related to the characters of the story told, the supposed inconveniences that we will have to go through throughout the game or the different objectives that we have to obtain, this makes that unlike other types of themes used to create games, practically none of the symbols are usually repeated from one machine to another, bearing in mind that all of them will continue to have the presence of the basic symbols of any slot machine such as the symbols Wild, Scatters or bonus.

Within the large number of history-themed online slot games that exist we can highlight the Avalon slot machine designed by Microgaming where the striking image of the “Woman from the Lake” will remind us at each spin of the reels that nothing that happens on the city ​​escapes his knowledge. The royalty will have to please her and follow her advice. We would have to take into account if we want her to guide us with her wisdom and magic through exciting adventures to the greatest hidden treasures in the city.

Another type of cities the ancient Aztec civilizations and we will see this reflected in the online slot Aztec Power designed by greentube. It has sought to pay tribute to this civilization with its silver idols, its bright golden pyramids, natives wearing large feathered hats, with the body and face painted, in addition to being able to see typical tools that they used to use. Discover your Aztec princess or your inner warrior, play with a wild spirit, or enter the temple to savor Indian dreams among gems and altars.

These games allow you to search for the legendary treasure of the Aztec priests and their people, along the way you will experience excitement and fun. Spin the reels with a single click and maybe you can observe jaguars or Huitzilopochtli, the god of the sun and war, maybe tonight a warrior princess will appear to intrigue and enthuse you, whatever the result, you can enjoy the atmosphere of a culture lost so long ago, in addition to being able to have special symbols to be able to obtain winning combinations easily and quickly in each spin.

The fate we will run will be different when we embark with a group of Vikings in search of great treasures as happens in Viking Age from developer Betsoft, where a beautiful Nordic warrior with reddish hair and an athletic body, accompanied by two brave warriors with fierce appearance, beards abundant and dressed in animal skins, they travel a desert island avoiding countless dangers to finally get the so valuable treasure that they had heard so much about and longed to find.

Travel to the ancient Roman Empire with the Gladiator slot machine developed and produced by Playtech. You will be able to see how Máximo Décimo Meridio, former commander of the Galea troops now turned into a Gladiator, inspires an entire people from the arena to fight for the equality of their conditions, backed by a member of the Senate, the beautiful sister of the Fifth Emperor and her loyal comrades in struggle, you can achieve your goal of inspiring all of Rome, do not hesitate to find out and take this trip back in time in search of equality, honor and the rewards that every fair fight brings us.

Online gaming machines usually have representations of the characters of the story that is being narrated on the reels, which will make us feel like the heroes of this adventure, fighting against adversity to achieve our objectives, within the bonus games that we will find we will see how several of its characteristics are based on history.

Most free spins rounds will be triggered by landing 3 or more specific symbols, such as Scatter, Wild or the bonus. Once we access these rounds we can get additional free spins and we can even get a bonus that multiplies our winnings.

In this type of theme, risk games are activated making us feel an extra power in our winning spins and giving us the possibility of doubling the prize obtained, for this we will have to choose the hidden color of a card, between red or black.

In this type of machines we will also find different specific bonus functions of each slot, such as the Coliseum Bonus or the Bonus Round, most of the special games will be executed on the same game screen or on an additional screen

There are many slot machine developers who offer history-themed slot machines in their catalogs, for this reason on our website we have chosen the most recognized titles of the main developers, among which we will have greentube with Aztec Power, Playtech with Gladiator, Microgaming with Avalon and Betsoft with Viking Age.

The history theme has many followers around the world, which is why the great developers are constantly offering us new models and machines, without forgetting that this is a topic that offers many possibilities when creating new bonus modalities and introducing novelties in the structure of the games.