Flash Gordon (MGA)

Type Slot machines
Thematic Classics, Superheroes
Characteristics Bonus round
Software MGA
Lines 8
Reels 3
Games played 12,704
Rating 4.26

Flash Gordon is a slot created by MGA that pays tribute to the cartoonist Alex Raymond. The 3 reel slot, a main game, a top game and up to 8 paylines. You have avances and 4 minigames with free bonuses. Try the demo version of Flash Gordon for free and have fun with a classic and sci-fi game.

How to play slot Flash Gordon

The Flash Gordon slot offers a deposit of 15 virtual credits. To play the demo version you must place a bet. Choose between the different bets, the minimum being 0.20T and the maximum 15T.

The avances slot helps you advance or hold the reel figures in order to get a winning combination. You can choose to automatically play 5 to 100 spins with Auto Hazard activated. Be sure to check the game rules or adjust the sound as the language to get the best gaming experience.

Lower game of slot Flash Gordon

The classic slot contains the classic symbols of fruits and diamonds ranked among themselves. In other words, some symbols bring larger prizes than others. The pay table is located on the right hand side of the screen and the values ​​they announce are dependent on the initial bet played. Other symbols that do not appear in the pay table are:

  • Flash: these are bonuses that are used as currency, in addition to the Token, to play in the higher game.

  • The Wild is represented by Dale Arden, it combines with any figure of the inferior game.

  • Prize Draw: the spaceship when combined activates the minigame with bonus from the lower game.

  • Vertical lines: a small symbol and attached to the others that add to the vertical lines counter for the top game.

Top game of slot Flash Gordon

Similar to the game below, the symbols change completely for 7’s games and other themes from the history of Flash Gordon. To play this game, you need Tokens and Flash (Bonuses). On the other hand, the Mixed Sevens symbol indicates that at high stakes, a random prize can be obtained. However, there is a Cumulative Game represented by the lightning bolt, to get an extra winning spin. In addition, the upper game contains 3 minigames with bonuses that we will see below.

Flash Gordon minigames

A total of 4 mini-games with bonuses spread over the lower and upper game can be enjoyed when certain special figures are combined in the superhero slot Flash Gordon:

  • Prize Draw: 3 special ships from the lower game give access to the minigame for a random prize.

  • Vultan: 3 Vultan warriors in the upper game activate the minigame to choose the prize hidden in the warrior.

  • Arboria: 3 Arboria figures give access to the bubble game with prizes.

  • Kingdoms of Ming: 3 Ming City figures give access to the minigame to defeat the ruthless Ming.