Epic Gems (Gamevy)

Type Slot machines
Rows 5
Thematic Diamonds
Characteristics Jackpot
Software Gamevy
Reels 8
Games played 43
Rating 0

The game of chance Epic Gems of Gamevy has a screen of five rows and eight columns with a total of 40 squares. The objective of the game is to collect the precious stones and avoid the hidden mines. When you get to collect the stones gems you are awarded the rewards depending on the bet up to x250,000. The game has the jackpot up to 100,000 play coins. Enjoy the free online casino game without downloading and learn how to win the Jackpot.

How to play the game of chance Epic Gems

When starting the online game Epic Gems, the Play window appears on the right, it shows the amount of the bet. Above and below this window are the “+” and “-” buttons, the user must click on them to change the amount of the bet. At the top there is a window that shows the amount of the Jackpot. The higher the player’s bet, the higher the possible win. The Jackpot window shows the maximum that can be obtained with the selected bet.

The user must determine the bet and click on Play. You should pay attention to the table with 40 gemstones. Four of them are hidden mines. The player must collect the stones by clicking on them and avoid the hidden explosives. Clicking on the stone runs a random number generator, which decides whether the gemstone will be a mine or not.

On the left in a window it is shown how much you will get for the next stone. Seven stones double the prize. In the online game Epic Gems there is the possibility to click on the Cash Out button at any time, to collect the prize. If the player finds a hidden mine, the prize will be canceled. The Unlucky inscription appears and you must determine the bet again to start the next round.

Gambling prizes Epic Gems

The prize for each stone in the Epic Gems game of chance is calculated according to the prize table:

  • For the first stone you get 110% of the bet.
  • For the second, 120% of the bet.
  • For the third 130% of the bet.
  • So on, up to stone thirty-six, for which you will receive 250,000% of the bet.

In this way, if the player determined a minimum bet of 1 game coin, then for the first stone he will get 1 * 110% = 1.10 game coins. With the maximum bet of 100 credits, the prize for the first stone will be 110 game coins. This is how rewards for the next successful discoveries are calculated. That is, the maximum possible win is 25,000,000 game coins is = at the maximum bet of 100 * the multiplier 250,000.

The prize table is opened in full, by clicking on the gear-shaped icon in the upper left corner of the screen. Opens a window with a brief explanation of the rules of the game. The user must click on the Full Rules button, to open the detailed game rules and the prize table with all the stones.