Dr Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (Betsoft)

Type Slot machines
Rows 3
Thematic Films
Characteristics Free Spins, Bonus Round, 3d, Minigame
Software Betsoft
Lines 30
Reels 5
Games played 167
Rating 5

Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is a Betsoft 3D slot inspired by the novel and movie Man and the Beast (Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde). The 5-reel, 30-line slot machine stands out for its various bonuses, free spins and a double or nothing minigame. You can play in demo mode the Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde slot for free without downloading and without registering.

How to play Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde slot

The slot offers 1,000 virtual credits to start the game. Choose Coin assigns the value of a game coin from 0.02 to 1 demo credit. You can check the total bet per Bet spin, the Win prize and the balance in Balance coins and in Credits credits that change according to the established value of a coin. To start the game you can choose Spin, Max Bet or Auto Spin which allows programming from 5 to 100 automatic spins.

I play Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde creates basic combinations according to the standard rules and also form sequences according to special rules. Most images bring prizes when 3 to 5 of the same appear on a payline.

The most profitable symbols are the images of Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde that multiply the bet per line 45, 200 and 1,200 times. In addition, these symbols can create bonus combinations with jar images or game logos. The other basic symbols of the policeman, key, house, fireplace, book and newspaper pay from 5 to 200 times the bet per line.

Game prizes Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

The slot machine logo is the Wild symbol that appears only on the odd-numbered reels. Its main function is to substitute the basic symbols to create winning sequences. The additional feature of the wild is to be able to activate the bonus games after collecting the combination “Dr. Jekyll + game logo + Dr. Jekyll” or “Mr. Hyde + logo + Mr. Hyde” in any position of the adjacent reels.

The red bottle is the trigger symbol for the Free Spins round. In addition, it gives access to a bonus when it appears in the adjacent box next to Jekyll’s portrait.

The blue bottle is the image that brings the free spins closer to the end. Appearing to the left or right of Hyde’s image this symbol activates one of the bonuses.

The slot machine can produce multiple sequences in one spin. The winnings from all combinations are added together and you are offered the option of transferring them to the balance or activating the Double Up game or nothing.

Double or nothing minigame

The jackpot minigame in the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde slot is a game of heads or tails. When entering the Double Up round after hitting a winning combination you can see a coin being tossed next and you must bet your prize on heads or tails. If you get it right, the prize is doubled and you can try again.

In total you can make up to five successful attempts. If you make a mistake when choosing the coin heads or tails, the spin and minigame winnings are void. You can exit the double or nothing minigame at any time by collecting your prize with Collect.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Free Spins

The free spins bonus is activated in an unusual way. Below the central reel there is a special indicator. Each appearance of the image of the red bottle fills that indicator. When it is completely filled after obtaining 10 Red Bottles in total, the Free Spins series is activated. The number of free spins also depends on the indicator.

However, during free spins the opposite option is activated.The indicator fills up each time the images in the blue bottle appear. When full, the Free Spins round is over.

Bonus Mr. Hyde

The Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde game can award you additional winnings for unusual bonus combinations. When the images of the blue bottle and the portrait of Dr. Hyde appear in the adjacent boxes, you win an instant prize. The value of the prize is determined randomly and can be 5 to 20 times the total bet.

Bonus Dr. Jekyll

The combination of the images of Dr. Jekyll and the red bottle in the adjacent boxes brings some very big prizes. These images become the wild symbol Hyde which can substitute for the basic symbols. All symbols on the game screen start to move. They occupy the squares in such a way that they can form the maximum number of winning sequences. “Wild Hyde” can create independent joins. For a combination of 3, 4 and 5 symbols you win 45, 200 and 1,200 times the bet per line.

Bonus Frenzy

The combination of images “Mr. Hyde – Mr. Hyde logo” in any space of the central reels activates the Bonus game on an additional screen. A video is shown of Mr. Hyde running through the streets of London and trying to rob the citizens. Your mission is to show him the way (to the left or to the right) at the intersection of the streets.

If behind the corner the character crosses a pedestrian, steals his belongings and you get a reward in demo credits in your account continuing the bonus round. You have to keep directing Mr. Hyde in search of places to rob. Every time the main character manages to steal something, you win a prize. Upon meeting the sleeping policeman, Hyde has a chance to escape. This variant also gives you a reward. But if he comes across the awake policeman chasing after him, the bonus game is over. The maximum prize of the bonus round is 66 times the total bet.

Bonus Potions

To access the Potions bonus game, collect the combination “Jekyll – slot logo – Jekyll” on the adjacent reels. The position of the images in the boxes can be any. In an additional screen appears the image of Jekyll who is preparing an elixir. Next to the table are 12 jars with different liquids. You must choose 6 jars that can be components of the potion. The faster you choose all the necessary components, the higher the reward value.

The Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde slot machine is intended for fans of 3D slots with numerous types of bonuses and special features.