Dino Might (MicroGaming)

Type Slot machines
Rows 3
Thematic Animals
Characteristics Bonus round
Software Microgaming
Lines 25
Reels 5
Games played 14
Rating 0

Dino Might is a 5 reel 25 payline slot machine developed by the company Microgaming. There are 11 common images and 3 special images in the game: a Wild, a Bonus that activates a bonus in the main game and a Scatter that launches the bonus game with instant winnings. At CasinoGamingNews.com you can play slots for free.

How to play the slot machine Dino Might

The trial version of the game Dino Might allows you to bet 2000 credits for free. This amount is credited to the user’s balance at the start of the game. The free version, like the real one, uses the coins to determine the bets. Credits are exchanged for coins according to the exchange value indicated by the user. The default coin value is 0.5 credits. The player can change it on the scale from 0.01 to 0.5 credits. Depending on this parameter, the amount of coins in the account varies.

Before starting the spins it is recommended that the player establish the main parameters for the game session. Spins can also be started with the default settings. However, the option to change the game characteristics allows you to optimize the game process and manage the balance more efficiently. Parameter changes are made with the help of the buttons on the control panel. This panel has:

  • The Select Lines button indicates the number of active lines. You can activate from 1 to 25 pay lines. The chosen number is displayed in the Lines window.
  • The Select Coins button determines the bet from 1 to 10 coins. The selected number is displayed in the Coins window.
  • The value of the coin in credits is adjusted using the “+” and “-” buttons below the coin symbol on the control panel. The parameter vary from 0.01 to 0.05 demo credits.
  • The Bet Max button assigns the maximum number of active lines and the maximum bet per line, as well as activates a reel spin.
  • The Spin button starts the spin with the determined settings.

Important information is displayed in the windows:

  • Demo Coins, the current balance of the player (in coins).
  • Bet, the bet on a spin (the cost of the spin).
  • Win, the profit of the spin, that is, the prize for one or more combinations made up on the playing field after the spin.

The relationship between the total bet and the win on the combinations will help determine the profitability of the spin. The prize is considered profitable if its amount is greater than the cost of the spin. On the panel there are additional buttons that open information windows:

  • View Pays, open the prize table.
  • Help, opens the game rules in an additional window.

The Expert / Regular button activates the corresponding control panel mode. Additional buttons can be found on the Expert console that activate the autoplay feature. The Auto Play Button initiates a series of auto spins between 5 and 500. The “5” and “10” buttons assign 5 and 10 auto spins, respectively.

Symbols and prizes of the slot Dino Might

The aim of the user is to compose winning combinations to increase the balance with the prize amounts. The combinations are sequences of 3 to 5 equal symbols. They are counted from right to left starting with the first reel. Symbols must be on a payline and neighboring reels.

Prizes will be awarded for the combinations of identical images. The value of the prizes is indicated in the prize table that is opened with the Help button. Next to each image is indicated the number of symbols in the sequence and the coefficient, which is the multiplier of the bet per line. Common images, whose function is to compose sequences, are valued according to the following coefficients:

  • Flower with red, orange and purple petals, they give 5, 10 or 50 for three, four or five images, respectively.
  • The giant flytrap gives 5, 12 or 60.
  • The white flowers give 6, 15 or 70.
  • The cactus gives 6, 20 or 80.
  • The orange flower gives 8, 30 or 90.
  • The rafflesia gives 10, 40 or 100.
  • The ankylosaur gives 12, 50, or 120.
  • The oviraptor gives 15, 75 or 200.
  • Diplodocus gives 20, 100 or 300.
  • Triceratops gives 25, 150 or 400.
  • The tyrannosaurus gives 30, 200 or 800.

For the prize to exceed the cost of the spin, you must collect at least 5 flower images or 4 images with dinosaurs. In this case, not only the credits subtracted by the bet, but also a winning sum will be added to the account. Apart from the common images, in the game there are special images that have additional functions. Among them are:

  • The symbol Wild.
  • The symbol Scatter that starts a bonus in an additional window.
  • The Bonus symbol that will give an instant bonus in the main game.

The symbol Wild is the logo of the slot machine. By appearing on any of the five reels you can complete the winning combinations. This image acts as a wildcard, replaces the missing image in a combination. Prizes for in-game logo combinations will be doubled. Apart from this, the Wild symbol creates its own sequences. Two, three, four or five images in a row will bring prizes with coefficients of 5, 80, 800 or 8,000 respectively.

The green trigerosaur is the Bonus symbol that will give you an instant win. When three, four or five of these images appear on the screen, choose one of the symbols to discover the hidden prize. The maximum prize is 4500 coins. The prizes in the game depend on the sum of the total bet.

The insect preserved in amber is Scatter which triggers the additional on-screen bonus game. In addition, the combinations of these symbols bring prizes with multipliers of the total bet. Scatter gives benefits without depending on the lines or reels on which it appears. The combination is counted in the case if on the screen appear from two images. For two, three, four or five images of the insect in amber, the user will receive 2, 4, 40 or 200 times the total bet, respectively.

Match Bonus Bonus Game

When three, four or five symbols with the amber bug appear on the screen, the Match Bonus minigame will start. An image divided into 21 sectors of seven horizontal and three vertical boxes will appear on the additional screen. Below the playing field are the scales that show the progress of image accumulation.

You have to click on the boxes in the field opening the hidden images. To receive the prize you have to find four identical images. The value of different images is not the same. In addition, in one of the boxes there will be an additional multiplier. This multiplier will be activated at the end of the game when one of the scales is complete with the images that will give a prize.

The maximum amount that can be won during the game is 20,000 coins. It is worth remembering that the amount of prizes depends on the bets in the main game. The theoretical percentage of return of the gaming machine is 96.42%.