Demon Jack 27 (Wazdan)

Type Slot machines
Rows 3
Thematic Zombies, Halloween
Characteristics Minigame
Software Wazdan
Lines 27
Reels 3
Games played 142
Rating 0

Demon Jack 27 is a 3-reel, 27-payline slot from the company Wazdan dedicated to diabolical objects and the demon that serves as a wild card. If you manage to fill all 9 spaces with the same symbols, the prize for this combination will triple. Any reward for a winning spin can be doubled in the risk game. Enjoy the game for free online.

Rules of the game Demon Jack 27

Demon Jack slot is offered in demo mode to play for free with demo coins. At the start of the game, there are 100 coins in the player’s account. By refreshing the slot page, the account is reset to its initial value of 100 demo coins, regardless of the amount remaining before restarting the game.

The bet per line is determined in the Bet window. Its minimum value is 0.10 coins, the maximum is 100 demo coins. You can increase or decrease the bet per line with the “-” and “+” buttons located on both sides of the Bet window. The amount of the combination prizes depends on the bet per line, the same as the total bet. In the Demos Jack 27 slot there are 27 pay lines available. They are fixed, that is, all 27 lines are active in each turn. By pressing the Bet Max key, the maximum bet per line is automatically set.

The combination is considered a winning one, if it consists of three identical symbols. The only exception are the combinations with the “wild”, since this replaces the missing symbol to create a winning sequence. In the pay table, which is opened by pressing the “i” icon, the prizes for symbols in coins are displayed. All values ​​are calculated from the minimum bet of 0.10 coins per line.

To start the reels, just press the Play key on the control console. The reels will cycle through a spin and then stop. If there are winning combinations on the field of play, their winnings will be added up and reflected in the Win box, all pay lines will light up. Above the reels start key, the Gamble button will appear, allowing you to participate in the game round to double the prize. If you click on Play, the prize will be credited to the account. Autoplay mode is available only in the real version of the game.

Knowing the game rules of the Demon Jack 27 slot machine is possible by pressing the “?” Key. The pay table is available by pressing the “i” key. Below the control panel are some information windows:

  • Balance, is the account of the game in coins.
  • Win, show the prize of the last spin.
  • Total Bet, is the total bet, that is, the amount of coins will be discounted when pressing the Play key.

Clicking the settings icon opens the custom settings menu. “Full screen mode” allows you to open the slot in full screen. “Use space key” allows the reels to start by pressing the space key. “Quick Spin” reduces the time the reels spin. We have to specify that this option does not influence the game process, only the visual effect.

Slot Machine Symbols and Payouts Demon Jack 27

The special symbol of the Demon Jack 27 slot machine is the portrait of the devil. It is the “wild” symbol that changes to the missing symbol in a combination. As any combination consists of three symbols, the “wild” many times helps to complete the winning combination, so that the player receives a prize in coins. For getting three “wild” demons in a line, you will be given a reward. The payout coefficient for this symbol is 160 times the bet on the line. Thus, when betting on the 0.10 coin line, 16 coins are received, and if the maximum bet of 100 coins per line is made, the prize will be 16,000 coins.

The rest of the symbols are conditionally classified into three categories according to the payout ratio: low profitable, medium profitable and very profitable. To the first group belong the symbols that give the following coin prizes with the minimum bet:

  • Blue cross, triple knot and infinity sign will give 0.10 coins.
  • Snake, rose and bell will give 0.20 coins.
  • Cross with skull, raven and pyramid will pay 0.40 coins.

The six and star symbols will bring a median payoff of 0.80 coins, playing with the minimum bet per line. The most profitable are the symbol with the inscription “Hell”, which gives 4 coins, and the image of the trident, which pays 8 coins. The higher the bet per line, the bigger the payouts for the symbols.

It should be noted that even the least profitable symbols fully recover the investment of the bet. That is, the player will not have losses by obtaining at least one winning combination. If all the squares are occupied with the same symbols, the reward will be tripled.

Double or nothing game

Hitting a winning combination of the Demon Jack 27 slot gives you access to the double or nothing game. This round has the classic rules: the player must match the card color to double the win. Pressing the Gamble key opens a risk game window.

The main mission of the double or nothing game is to correctly match the color of the card: black or red.

In the center of the screen will be a face down playing card. On both sides of it are the Red and Black keys that choose the corresponding color. Above the card is the history of the previously opened cards. At the bottom of the screen there are two windows: Curren Win, it is the sum of the coins that the player bet in the risk round; Double to, is the amount of the prize that will be won in case of matching the color of the card.

The player has the possibility to bet only half of the prize instead of the entire sum won by the spin, by pressing the ½ Take key. At any time before choosing the color or after hitting and doubling the prize, the Take key can be pressed to transfer the winnings to the demo account. In addition, the player will return to the main screen of the game.