Chiquito and the Prairie Treasure (MGA)

Type Slot machines
Thematic Films
Characteristics Bonus round, Minigame
Software MGA
Lines 10
Reels 5
Games played 1,120
Rating 4.5

“Relax, sinful fistro!” and try the new 5-reel slot for free at As it cannot be otherwise, Chiquito and the Prairie Treasure is now available thanks to the group MGA and its innovative initiative to honor the famous Malaga comedian El Chiquito de la Calzada. Try the free demo without registering and enjoy the great bonuses that El Chiquito has prepared to increase your earnings. “To attack!”

How to play Chiquito and the Prairie Treasure Free and without downloading

“Do you know …” that you can play for free on through your mobile (Android or Iphone), tablet and PC without downloading? For starters, the main game of the free slots takes place on 5 reels that “move more than the jarrl prices” with different symbols and paylines. You can modify the amount bet from the control panel, for example, if you want to have a greater number of paylines to increase the chances of winning special combinations or increase the winnings by modifying the value of the credit. You can also modify both values ​​so that both the chances and the winnings are maximized.

If you want to play in a simpler way, you have a self-help menu where you can check the game rules and configure your games automatically.

Slot prizes

Get to combine the same figures (A, K, Q, J, 10, Condemor and Bracula) leaning on the joker (Fistro) to get great prizes. On 10 existing paylines there may be several consecutive prizes, awarded from right to left and then from left to right.

The prizes usually vary depending on the amount wagered, the value of the credit you choose and the number of repeated figures that appear on the 5 reels forming the winning lines. You can consult it from the help menu by clicking on the horizontal bars button.

Chiquito Bonus and Great Prairie Treasures

Unlike the Chiquito slot, this second version called Chiquito and the Prairie Treasure has 5 reels and four minigames.

  • Double or Nothing: When you get a prize, you have the possibility to double it in the double game or nothing. To do this, you have to press the “Risk” button and play the diodeal roulette with El Chiquito and get him to stop at x2 to multiply the prize.

  • Tapeo: to play this minigame you access with 3 figures of the little boy standing. This Bonus consists of moving several children to the bar where the prizes are waiting. Through a roulette wheel and by pressing the Play Button, get the biggest prize you can.

  • Dressing room: if you get 3 figures of the gaping little boy on any prize line, you automatically play this minigame. It consists of selecting objects whose value is hidden. The game ends when you uncover all the prizes or find the word “EXIT”.

  • Flamenco: you need to get three El Chiquito figures in the hat. The game consists of selecting a prize among several that are being raffled and that only from the Play button, the prize is stopped to obtain it as a reward.

Don’t be a “coward” and dare to play with the prairie fistro at and get double the great prizes we have for you.