Bucaneros (MGA)

Type Slot machines
Thematic Pirates, Classic
Characteristics Bonus round
Software MGA
Lines 8
Reels 3
Games played 5,657
Rating 4.5

The Bucaneros slot machine from MGA is set in the pirateria of the Spanish overseas possessions. The arcade-style slot contains 3 reels, 8 pay lines, two main games, and 4 big bonuses with minigames. Try now and for free the online demo version without depositing and learn how to play slots.

How to play Bucaneros slot

In the Bucaneros slot you have 15 Tokens to place predefined bets on the main and secondary game. The paytable on the left panel changes as you press the bet button.

Below we have the function of advance, game change, collect and the help menu. The hold and advance controls are useful when you land two matching symbols on two of the three available reels. You press hold to fix said figures and rotate the third roller waiting to get the missing figure on the central pay line. If you do not get a prize, but the slot machine detects that with a few more spin movements you could have obtained one, the avances are activated so that you can press with the same button of the holds.

The Auto Risk and Auto Play function is used to define how many games you want to play automatically, allowing the slot to choose to exchange your prizes for bonuses.

Main Game

Three reels and a destination. The central pay line of the classic slot defines where we will get the prizes defined in the pay table. The objective of the main game is to try to get the maximum amount of bonuses possible to qualify for the prizes of greater importance that are located in the secondary game.

Among the most prominent symbols of the lower game are the Bonuses, the compass to access the first mini game or Bonus of Bucaneros and the wild; represented by the gold ingot and that replaces any figure.

Secondary game

In this mode, the initial bets require credits and bonuses at the same time. The pay table is located in the upper panel and the amount of prizes and possibilities to obtain them increases. But that’s not all, the pay lines increase to 5 and 8 depending on the initial amount bet.

The fruit symbols disappear for other pirate themed ones. The chests, maps and pirate ships will give us access to the Bucaneros mini games, while the 7’s are the symbols reserved to obtain the best slot machine prizes.

Bucaneros minigames

The Bucaneros slot has four Bonus mini-games with guaranteed instant prizes:

  • For the compass! The compass symbol available in the lower game gives us access to the bonus that consists of stopping the compass to obtain a random prize.
  • Choose your destination! 3 figures on the map give access to the bonus that consists of choosing a path that will lead to a chest with a guaranteed prize.
  • Attack! 3 pirate ship symbols give access to the bonus that consists of sinking a pirate ship with cannon shots, the prize of which you get at the end of the mini-game.
  • Choose a chest! It is accessed by getting 3 chests on any available payline. This bonus consists of stopping the indicator on the chest with the highest possible prize multiplier.

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