Big Break (Microgaming)

Type Slot machines
Rows 3
Thematic Animals
Characteristics Free Spins, Bonus Round
Software Microgaming
Lines 15
Reels 5
Games played 11
Rating 0

Big Break is a slot machine with five reels and 15 pay lines created by Microgaming on the theme of animals. Two jokers participate in the game, a basic one and a wild x2 that doubles the prizes. There is a Scatter Munky Wax that launches 15 free spins. Five different monkeys on screen trigger the Surf’s Up bonus game with guaranteed cash prizes. At you can play the free version of the slot.

How to play slot Big Break

The demo version of the Big Break slot allows you to spin the reels for free. To carry out the game session in the user’s account, 2,000 demo credits will be awarded. This sum is used during the game to initiate the spins.

The aim of the user is to get winning combinations on the game screen. The game screen consists of five columns, which are the reels, and four lines. The combination of symbols is considered winning if the identical symbols appear on adjacent reels starting from the first reel from the left and are located on the same pay line. For these sequences the player wins the credits. The game is considered beneficial if at the end of the session the sum in the balance exceeds the initial amount of the credits. The operation of the slot machine is done through the buttons on the control panel and the boxes with adjustable parameters:

  • The image of the coin with the “+” and “-” buttons establishes the denomination of the slot. For the bets per line and the calculation of prizes for the combinations the slot uses the coins. By changing the value in this box, the user indicates the value of the currency in credits. The scale of values ​​is 0.01 to 0.5 credits.
  • Lines, is the button to adjust the number of active lines. Pressing this button sets the required number, which can be from 1 to 15 lines.
  • Coins, allocate 1 to 10 coins per line.
  • Bet Max, assign the highest bet and the maximum number of active lines and start a single spin.
  • Spin, triggers a single spin of the reels with the specified parameters of the bet and lines.

The main information of the game is also displayed here:

  • Demo Credits, shows the amount of credits in the user’s account. The information in the window is updated and when the spin is started from the user’s account the sum of the total bet is charged, if a winning combination comes out, the sum of the prize is transferred.
  • Bet, is the total bet per spin in credits.
  • Win, shows the prize for one or more combinations, which were obtained as a result of the spin.
  • View Pays, open the prize table.

To evaluate the profit on the result of a successful spin, when the winning combination appears on the screen, compare the sum of the total bet and the amount of the prize. The combination will have been beneficial for the player, if the sum of the prize exceeds the value of the spin.

On the bottom line of the display there is an additional key, Expert / Regular. By default in the slot the usual control panel is available. After clicking this button the expert panel is activated. It differs from the standard panel by the presence of additional keys that initiate automatic spins: Auto Play, х5 and х10. The number keys determine the number of spins in the series. The Auto Play button allows you to select up to 500 consecutive spins and determine the conditions for activating the automatic mode.

Slot symbols and prizes

The prizes awarded by the slot machine for the formation of the winning sequences are shown in the prize table. Along with the images of the symbols and the duration of the combination, some numbers are shown which are the multipliers. The multiplier is a multiplier of the bet per line. For example, if you put 10 coins per line and the combination of symbols plays by multiplier 5 the user will receive 10×5 = 50 coins. Among the ordinary symbols whose main objective is to form the combinations can be highlighted:

  • The symbols that make up the winning combinations from three images.
  • The images that play even by “pairs”.

The following images belong to the first group:

  • The coconut will give multipliers x5, x10, and x50, times three, four, and five images, respectively.
  • The handle will give the multipliers x5, x15 and x75.
  • The kiwi will give x6, x30 and x100.
  • The papaya will give x8, x40 and x120.
  • The banana will give x10, x50 and x150.

The second group of images includes:

  • The gibbon has multipliers x3, x15, x75, and x500 times two, three, four, and five consecutive images, respectively.
  • The orangutan has multipliers x3, x15, x100, and x600.
  • The macaque has the multipliers x3, x15, x150 and x700.
  • The lemur has multipliers x5, x40, x200, and x800.
  • The gorilla has multipliers x5, x50, x250, and x1,000.

According to the multipliers mentioned, it is noted that the combinations do not always recover the total bet. If all 15 pay lines are activated in Big Break slot, it is clear that combinations consisting of two or three symbols do not reward the value of the spin. The additional credits that the user receives for the sequences of four or five symbols from the first group, and three, four or five images from the second group.

In addition to the ordinary symbols in the game Big Break the images that fulfill the additional functions participate. Among them are the wild card, wild with multiplier x2 and Scatter.

The ordinary wild symbol is the inscription Big Break. This image appears on any of the five reels and can substitute for any missing monkey images. The joker effect does not apply to fruit images. In addition, the logo does not interact with the second wildcard or with the Scatter.

The wild symbol with multiplier x2 is the inscription Lucky Break. Appear only on the fifth reel and participate in the unusual combinations that are counted from right to left from the fifth reel. The most profitable option is when this symbol closes the combination of four identical images in one line. In this case the combination with the maximum multiplier will bring the double prize.

The Scatter is the symbol with the Munky Wax inscription. If three, four or five of these images appear in any box on the game screen, the player starts the series of free spins. In addition, the images will give the prizes if they are not even in the same prize line. The multiplier in the symbol is used for the value of the spin. For two, three, four and five images the user will receive 2, 3, 20 and 100 total bets.

Game Free Spins Big Break

The series of free spins is activated if three, four or five symbols appear on the screen Scatter. Regardless of the number of images the user receives 15 free spins. During the free spins rounds the game is carried out according to the conditions determined for the main game that is to say that the amount of the bet and the number of active lines is the same. Free spins understand the special rules in addition to the fact that the sum of the total bet is not charged from the account at the time of the start of the spin:

  • All the monkey images are transformed into the symbols Scatter and played without having links to the lines.
  • Image multipliers remain multipliers for bet per line.
  • The wild symbol Big Break can substitute for the missing monkey image and applies just as it does to ordinary combinations as well as additional combinations Scatter.

Taking into account these characteristics the series of free spins is more profitable than the main game. First of all, the user does not lose the credits in the course of the free spins rounds. Second the possibility of the formation of the winning combinations increases. Free spins can be reset if three, four or five Munky Wax images appear on the screen. The bonus game cannot be activated during free spins.

Bonus game

The Surf’s Up bonus game starts if during the main game five different images of the monkeys appear on the game screen at the same time. If this condition is met, the additional window with the integrated mini-game opens. Five monkeys with surfboards and the Start button appear on the screen. Pressing this button activates a flashing backlight that moves through the series of game symbols. To stop flashing press the Stop button. The prize is calculated by the monkey that has been highlighted after stopping the blinking. Behind the monkeys there are different multipliers for the total bet:

  • The gorilla gives the prize multiplied by x2 and x50.
  • The lemur gives the multipliers x3 and x40.
  • The macaque gives the multipliers x4 and x30.
  • The orangutan gives x5 and x20.
  • The gibbon will give the multipliers x6 and x15.

The prize is displayed in coins. The prize is proportional to the total bet. That way if the gibbon has been highlighted and this image offers the highest multiplier that is equal to x15, the user will receive 15 total posts. If during the main game all 15 pay lines have been activated and the bet per line is 1 coin, the total bet is equal to 15 coins. With these parameters the prize in the bonus game will be 225 coins.