Beehive Bedlam (Core Gaming)

Type Slot machines
Rows 7
Thematic Animals
Characteristics Free spins, Scatter, Jackpot
Software Core Gaming
Reels 7
Games played 259
Rating 3.17

Play for free online slot Beehive Bedlam set in a 7-line, 7-column honeycomb hive. As the game progresses, up to 10 levels of the worlds are unlocked with prizes of 15 bonuses and extra multipliers. The most beneficial features of the slot game are the Honey Jar bonus and a retrievable free spins with Progressive Jackpot.

Beehive Bedlam No Download

The Beehive Bedlam slot machine designed by Core Gaming is part of the collection of online slots offered on to play for free without downloading or installing any software. The game is loaded with a click of the Play button and opens in the browser of the computer or mobile device with Android or Apple iOS. The combinations of 10 thematic symbols are composed in groups or clusters from 5 icons in adjacent positions, disappearing from the screen and releasing their boxes for the symbols above. The slot has unusual gameplay with many bonuses, including 10 levels of play with additional benefits, a series of free spins, and a bonus game.

Slot Symbols

The game screen Beehive Bedlam will show 10 symbols in total related to the life of the bees, including the red, yellow, pink and purple flowers, a daisy, a beekeeper, a boss, the Buzz bee, the queen bee and the Free Falls symbol. .

The prizes are obtained by clusters or groups of symbols from 5 to 15 identical icons in adjacent positions, the most profitable symbol being Free Falls. Apart from multiplying the bet up to 30,000 times it activates the free spins.

The bet multipliers for each combination of symbols are indicated in the Paytable pay table accessed from the menu on the right of the screen.

Free spins on slot Beehive Bedlam

In slot Beehive Bedlam it is possible to get free symbol drops without removing the bet from the balance, it is activated by 3 or more Free Falls symbols on adjacent squares. The number of free rounds will depend on the number of trigger symbols:

  • 3 Free Falls icons will give 8 free falls.
  • 4 symbols will give 10 Free Falls.
  • 5 images will trigger 12 free spins.
  • 6 or more Free Falls icons will give 15 free falls of symbols.

During free spins in real money gambling at an online casino there is a chance to win a Jackpot.

Progressive Jackpot

You can win the Progressive Jackpot only during the free falls series by playing Beehive Bedlam slot for money online. During the final round of the series, bees appear on the screen throwing the letters of the word Jackpot into the empty cells. If all seven letters are highlighted, you win the current jackpot amount. The jackpot starts from 5,000 euros, from the bets made by players in online casinos, 1% is withdrawn for each game, which will make the amount grow until it is won and returns to its initial value.

Game bonuses Beehive Bedlam

Free slot Beehive Bedlam offers you various bonuses throughout the game which are described in details below.

Honey Jar Bonus

Each winning combination of five or more beekeeper symbols will add a level to the honey jar on the left of the screen that contains 20 levels in total. As soon as the honey fills the jar completely, the Honey Jar Bonus game will be triggered based on the average bet displayed on the jar. In a new screen appear some islands of a world of the level that the player has reached, the image of the bee Buzz appears who has to collect some gold coins avoiding obstacles on his way. Your objective is to direct the bee from left to right or keep it in the air overcoming obstacles to complete the game and get the prizes shown in the collected coins.

Level bonuses

As the game progresses, the protagonist surpasses the levels of the themed worlds that will give him an additional bonus prize, as well as a new outfit for Buzz. Each of the 10 worlds has 10 levels represented with islands, once the ten levels of each world are completed, an extra multiplier is awarded. At each level there are also extra prizes to win:

  • On each Island multipliers are given away from the average bets made by the player during their contributions to the honey pot.
  • In each World there is an average multiplier bet for all the games in this World.
  • At the end of the game you get a multiplier of the average bet of all rounds of the game.

Achievement bonuses

Online slot Beehive Bedlam offers 15 types of bonuses that are given to you for your achievements as you play avances. You can access them from the menu by clicking on Achievements. In this section all the 15 bonuses are detailed, you can take advantage of only those that are unlocked by clicking on them.

  • Beginner’s Luck triggers a symbol free fall without paying the bet.
  • You’re On A Roll starts 5 free spins called free falls.
  • The Bonus Abuser triggers 10 free falls.
  • Nectar Points adds a level to the honey jar from the Honey Jar bonus.
  • Honey Grabber adds 5 levels to the honey jar from the Honey Jar bonus.
  • The Backpacker makes you clear a level of 1 island.
  • The Jetsetter helps you advance 3 islands.
  • The Siteseer advance 6 islands at once.
  • The Explorer Complete the level of 1 world.
  • The Adventurer you advance 3 worlds at once.
  • The Journeyman passes 5 worlds.
  • There are Fever complete a game level with the prize multiplier x1.
  • Sticky Fingers complete a game level by multiplying prizes 3 times.
  • Sugar Daddy you finish a game level and get 5 times bigger prizes.
  • Honey Monster complete a game level by multiplying prizes 10 times.

Control Panel

The interface of the free slot Beehive Bedlam is designed in the unusual style. In the center is the screen divided into 49 7×7 squares with the symbols falling from top to bottom. To the right is the Pollen Count prize table that will show the winning combinations and total winnings for the round. On the left is the twenty-level honey jug that will trigger the bonus game, moving up one level for each combination of three or more beekeepers and displaying an average Avg Stake bet.

The main controls are:

  • Stake with “plus” and “minus” buttons on two sides, set the bet per round from 0.10 to 500 credits.
  • Play triggers a drop or change of symbols on the screen.
  • Menu opens the game settings and descriptions menu, including the sections:
    • Achievements describes the 15 achievement bonuses or avances of the player.
    • Paytable is the pay table with multipliers for each symbol.
    • Game Settings are sound and music settings.
    • Tutorial describes the rules for winning bonuses, free rounds and jackpot.
    • Worlds Progression shows the player’s level or World.
    • Auto Play activates the automatic mode of the game, adjusting the bet for autogyro, number of spins and loss limits.

In the information line below and above the screen you can see your balance of the game Balance and the winnings of the last Win round. In the upper right corner is the loudspeaker to control the sounds and the question mark that opens the detailed rules of the game. If you liked this unusual game and would like to continue playing for fun, we offer you a wide collection of animal slots, treasure games, Cleopatra slots and many more free online slots classified by theme, number of reels or pay lines.