Arcade (Wazdan)

Type Slot machines
Rows 3
Thematic Classics
Characteristics Bonus round, Minigame
Software Wazdan
Lines 1
Reels 3
Games played 1,188
Rating 4.6

Play free slot Arcade, a fruit machine with 3 reels and a pay line created by Wazdan. There are neither “wild” symbols, nor Scatter in the game. But there are special images marked with a star. Those images bring additional credits in a special account called Mini Bonus. When the user during the rotations accumulates six stars, one in each cell of the field, the bonus credits will be transferred to the player’s balance.

Game features Arcade

During basic spins, two perks work that give the user additional options to receive the prize. Among them the possibility of retaining the reels and the accumulative Mini Bonus prize.

Retention is done with the Stop buttons that appear under each reel at the end of the spin. These buttons will be activated only if the winning combination does not appear on the screen. If there is a combination of two symbols on the line, they cannot be fixed to extend the sequence. Sometimes the roller is set automatically. This is the case if one of the profitable symbols appears on the payline, the prize for the combination of which is more than 20 times the bet per spin. Another possibility to fix it is the appearance of two identical images on the second and third rollers.

The cumulative Mini Bonus prize is the second advantage of the basic game. From time to time the game symbols marked with a star appear on the screen. Those stars accumulate. Each star is valued in sum of the bet per spin.

Above the playing field is a table consisting of 3 x 3 squares with stars. If an image with the star appears in the bottom box of the first reel, the size of the current bet will be recorded in the Mini Bonus box, and a star will light up in the lower left corner in the additional field. The award will be awarded to the user when the 9 cells with stars are illuminated.

Symbols and Awards

The game Arcade features 13 typical symbols for a three reel fruit slot machine. However, unlike most classic slots, Arcade produces combinations of even two images. The main thing is that the images are placed from left to right and that they are on the same line.

The sum of prizes for the winning combinations is shown in the pay table. All awards are indicated in credits. For the convenience, the value of the images in the game will be presented below at the minimum bet of 0.1 credits:

  • Cherry and Raspberry will give 0.2 and 0.4 credits for two or three symbols, respectively.
  • Lemon and plum will give 0.4 and 0.8 credits.
  • Pineapple and orange will give 0.8 and 6 credits.
  • Bell, apple, watermelon and grapes will pay 0.8 and 12 credits.
  • Pear will give 2 and 20 credits.
  • The Vegas registration will give 2 and 30 credits.
  • Sack of Coins will give 2 and 40 credits.

The combinations fall infrequently, but the prizes for simple combinations exceed the value of the spin at least twice. The chance of receiving a prize increases due to the sequences made up of up to two images.

Option to double prizes

If a winning combination is obtained, an extra button will appear on the control panel – Gamble. Pressing the button will open an extra screen for double or nothing play. During the game to double the user must guess the color of the face down card.

The peculiarity of the double or nothing game of the Arcada slot is that in a round you can bet only half of the prize won in the last spin. Thus, in the event of a wrong answer, the user will keep half the prize by transferring it to the balance. To bet half the amount of the prize, press the ½ Take button. To collect the prize and exit the round to double, press the Take button.

How to play free slot Arcade

The demo version of slot Arcade allows you to play for free with a sum of virtual credits. This game currency is transferred to the virtual account when starting the machine and is equal to 100 credits. The player’s task is to compose the winning combinations of symbols (two or three identical images in a row on the center line) and increase the sum of funds on the balance sheet, receiving prizes for combinations.

Control of the slot machine is done using the following console elements:

  • Bet, indicates the amount of the bet in credits. Using the “+” and “-” buttons you can change the value of the bet on the scale from 0.1 to 100 credits.
  • Max Bet, assign the highest bet in one click.
  • The round button with arrows activates a lap.
  • Autoplay, launches a series of automatic spins (in the demo version of slots this button is inactive).
  • If a winning combination is dropped, an extra button will appear on the control panel – Gamble. That button starts the double or nothing game.
  • The sign “i” opens the pay table and the description of the benefits of the game.
  • The sign “?” opens the description of the control panel and the rules of the game.
  • Speaker, enable or disable the sound.
  • Settings icon, allows you to adjust user preferences: display the game in full screen, use the keyboard buttons to start the spin and increase the speed of the spins.

The account balance is displayed in the Credit window. The initial amount is 100 credits. During the rotations of this sum, the bet (Bet) is subtracted, and when the prize (Win) is received, the prize credits are added to the balance. The return is considered beneficial, if the amount of the prize is greater than the cost of a rotation.

The Arcade slot machine from the company Wazdan is a very special machine on the fruit theme. Additional features, such as reel retention and cumulative bonuses, allow you to obtain additional benefits during a game session. The option to compose combinations from two symbols increases the probability and frequency of winning a prize. The comfortable handling makes this slot easy to use and understandable even for newbies.