Animal Slots

Animal slots features

If wild animals are your favorites, try games that have savannas and jungles from different parts of the world to appreciate creatures such as tigers, buffalo, monkeys, hippos, crocodiles, coyotes, wolves, lions and hyenas. We can also find a diverse population of birds, reptiles and insects in this type of game, as well as find water games with different types of fish, sharks and dolphins. If pets go with you more, there are many games with domestic animals such as gatos, dogs and goldfish.

Animal slots feature symbols of the animal that is often referred to in the game title on their reels. They usually have fish bowls, food dishes, mice with grass, and sound toys on their rollers. It is normal that we find images of the environment and its natural habitat. This will make us feel part of the environment and in this way we will enjoy the slot in a different way.There are slot machines that focus entirely on one type of animal, such as horse games that offer equestrian images or casino games of wild wolves with snowy mountains and full moons. Within the animal games we also find Wild, Scatter or bonus symbols.

Featured Animal Slots

Game developers are increasingly betting on animal slot games. The latest game news brings us animals from all three continents, from a Siberian tiger to monkeys and gorillas.

The Siberian Storm slot machine created by the company IGT is set against the backdrop of a cold, inhospitable white Siberian forest. It includes a series of symbols that participate in the game where some of them are characteristic of Siberia, such as the magnificent Siberian white tiger. Five other symbols of lesser value are various well-drawn relics. You get the best prizes with the white tiger and the orange tiger, as well as the game logo Siberian Storm.

Different but no less magical is the sensation that the game Panther Moon of the designer Playtech transmits to us. This slot opens the doors to the magical environment where the panthers move, the night is not only dark and houses mysteries but can also be pleasant, surprising and enveloping. This is demonstrated by the symbols of the wild flowers that open their petals in the moonlight, the nocturnal animals such as the owl, the lone wolf or the firefly.

One of the most representative titles within animal slots can be Jungle Monkey from Ainsworth. This monkey slot transports us to a jungle where we will feel truly free. A five reel slot and up to 20 free spins.

The proposal of Betsoft in the slot game Birds where the graphics are of a complexity and realism in the purest Disney animated movie style. We find different animations of really cute birds that, when perching on the cables of a street, will offer us a new and fun game dynamics.

This is how the dynamics of another of the slot machines developed by IGT could be considered, such as Coyote Moon, in this slot we will share from the inside the forbidden of the coyote in the desert and how different the same place can be but at different times of the day the image of the bones of a cow’s head together with that of a desert lizard will remind us that it is not an easy environment to survive, while when we see the figures of a hummingbird and a reindeer we will remember that life and beautiful things can also die and live even in the harshest climates.

Hard for the gorillas of the slot called Gorilla developed by Greentube. A slot machine that transports us to Africa, the home of the last gorillas. The symbols on the reels show us the beauty of the birds in areas so inaccessible to humans, which together with their flowers offer incomparable landscapes.

Within the animal games we can find animals characterized as cartoons or drawings. Thus we will find games like Funky Monkey from the developer company Playtech. In this game our host is a funny chimpanzee dressed in a shirt, sunglasses and playing a reel. Other symbols such as a palm tree and a straw hut are the images that will accompany us in this simple and entertaining animal slot.