Viral Scratch (R. Franco)

Type Scratching Games
Software R. Franco
Games played 787
Rating 2.5

Viral Scratch is a scratching game where some nice viruses hide prizes instead of diseases. Recreativos Franco shows us the kindest face of wild nature through this impressive scratch and win game that you can now try the free and online version.

How to Play Viral Scratch

Winter is coming and viruses are ready to infect anyone. It is worth having a mobile phone as a vaccine to win great prizes without worries or infections or downloads that occupy the memory. It’s totally free, surprisingly fun, and totally online without registration. You just have to have an Android or iPhone terminal, Tablet or PC, and enjoy playing scratch cards Viral Scratch to get trios of viruses with great prizes.

The hidden viruses lie on a board of 3×3 squares and the objective of the game is to make a trio of the same virus species by scratching on the squares. On the left screen you can check the pay table that they give when you get the virus trios. You just have to bet and wait for luck to bring us the prizes.

In this free version we have € 10,000 to play in which we can invest from 10 cents to € 20 by pressing the button with the symbol of the coins. If we bet larger amounts, the pay table is automatically updated, awarding higher prizes based on the amount wagered.

On the other hand, we can program our games automatically by pressing the Auto Play button in which we can choose from 10 automatic spins to a maximum of 100.

Finally, the button of the nut takes us to the instruction manual of the game in which it explains the history of the use of the buttons and the pay table. You just have to combine a manual or automatic scratch and put the turbo mode to see find the hidden big prizes.

Scratch off prizes

The virus that causes mad cow disease is the least rewarding symbol. It basically serves to recover the invested bet in case we get 3 symbols in the box. If, for example, we had bet € 20 and scratching would have resulted in 3 mad cows in the 9 available spaces; the final prize would be € 20, so we get back the investment.

However, the highest prize is represented by the sleepy rhinovirus, which better hide prizes instead of infections, because following the previous dynamic whose bet was € 20, the rhinovirus would reward us with € 20,000.

Other characteristic symbols of the scratchcard game Viral Scratch are the bacteriophage viruses (triangular head), Filoviruses such as the worm or the Rhabdovirus or rabies virus, whose prizes may be more common but lower in prizes.

A game so simple that it’s fun to the max and shares the free version with you so you can enjoy and get excited by winning real prizes online. Try Viral Scratch and get infected with the worst viruses you can imagine.