Vivo Roulette Club Roulette from Extreme

Club Roulette is a classic live dealer European roulette game. The name of the game “club roulette” is because you can share your experience with other players live, apart from being able to communicate with the dealer you can do it with other players. In addition, you can see the bets of others, establish your own profile and practically be part of a club and also be able to participate in the games forming the same team of users. Club Roulette is noted for its high video quality and a variety of custom settings.

How to Play Live Roulette Club Roulette

In order to enjoy a very realistic experience of the live Club Roulette game, you must register with a licensed online casino that has live Extreme Live Gaming games in its catalog. Once the roulette club game is activated, choose your profile photo that will be visible on the screen for other players. The color of the profile always corresponds to the color of the tiles that the player uses.

Choose a bet and place your chips on the virtual table. Bets are accepted according to the rules of European roulette. That is, you can place both internal bets on a full number, two, three, four or six or three numbers from the main board, orphan numbers or neighboring zero on the additional board, as well as external bets on red-black, even-odd, missing-passes. , dozens and columns. The value of the minimum bet is € 1 and the maximum is € 10,000, although the limits can be changed depending on the casino operator. Whenever you want, you can repeat your bet, double it, save in the favorites section or cancel.

In addition, the live club roulette game allows you to make several adjustments, including the viewing angle, the sound, and you can also access the game statistics.