Ruleta Flamy (R. Franco)

Type Flamy’s Roulette
Software R. Franco
Games played 429
Rating 5

Flamy’s Roulette is an Arcade Franco roulette game where a blue flame symbolizes the ball. The rules of the game are very similar to classic roulette. You can place outside bets or other new bets. Any number on the roulette wheel has payouts. The maximum prize to get is up to 42 times what you bet. You just have to guess the number where the blue fire will stop. Enjoy the game of roulette for free and without downloading in a forest with background music.

How to play Flamy Roulette for Free

The Flamy’s roulette game does not have the classic roulette wheel and a ball. Instead, it has 4 sectors that a blue fire named Flamy travels through like the ball.

To play this demo version of roulette you must determine the value of the bet in the lower left part of the screen. The minimum value can be from 0.10 credits and up to a maximum of 10 credits. The maximum bet for a zone is 500 credits and the general bet is 1000 credits.

Next, you need to place the chips on the numbers you want to bet on. You can use your fingers if you play with the mobile. You can see the multiplier number of the prize offered by each bet by hovering over it. If you are using a touch screen device you can enlarge the image with your fingers. As soon as you are ready, press Play to make Flamy start running.

When Flamy stands on a square and if you win, the prize appears on the game screen in the Win window. Right there you can see the amount of credits you have available to bet and the value of the current bet. Roulette also offers you the last 10 winning numbers that appear on the left of the screen. The maximum prize in the game can reach up to 25,000 credits.

Bets on Flamy’s Roulette

You can bet up to 10 numbers individually or you can choose various combinations of bets, such as bet on red or black numbers, bet on odd or even numbers, bet on four numbers in one of the four circles, or bet on only one. number in the four circles of the game, among other bets.

Flamy’s Roulette paytable

As the bets in Flamy roulette are diverse and varied, we indicate the main bets. Remember that the theoretical percentage of return varies depending on the area of ​​the bet and can range from 94.09% to 98.18%.

Bets on Flamy’s Roulette Payments
Bets from 1 to 5 X2.1
Bet from 6 to 10 X2.6
Bet on Red numbers X2.3
Bet on Black numbers X2.3
Bet on the color Green X5.2
Bet on even numbers X2.3
Bet on odd numbers X2.3
Bet on prime numbers X2.6
Bet on number 9 and 10 X21
Bet on the numbers from 1 to 8 X10.5
Betting on a number except zero X42

Save your favorite bets and other settings

In the Flamy’s Roulette settings menu you can set a bet as your favorite, save it, modify it and move it to the right or left by changing its value. In addition the game allows to set the sound of the game. Mute it completely or just turn off the sound effects. You can also see the history of bets made and the result of these.