Ruleta Express by NetPlay TV

Roulette Express

NetPlay’s Express Roulette is a European version auto roulette game that is available in both real money and demo mode, but only in the UK. You can watch express roulette live on TV without having to bet. The express roulette can be activated from the website of one of the affiliates of the NetPlay provider.

How to Play Live Express Roulette from NetPlay TV

Visit one of the affiliated online casinos of the company NetPlay TV among which is Jackpot, Casino Vernons and Super Casino. When activating the game you can choose to play for money “play for real money” or play for fun “demo”. The game is available 24 hours a day.

Playing for real money the minimum bet is £ 0.25. The maximum bet per table is £ 10,000. The roulette wheel turns every minute, so you decide when you want to place the bet. The bets are basic of the European version in internal numbers or external sectors. Once the bet is selected, place the chips on the playing field and hit “confirm”.

The control panel allows you to make various settings, including withdrawing, canceling or doubling your bet. There is also a section for favorite bets. The game allows you to view the latest winning numbers, statistics, current bet and prizes. But not only that, but you can also send an email, access the information section and see the types of bets available.