Ruleta Diamond (1×2 Gaming)

Type Roulette Diamond
Software 1×2 Gaming
Games played 213
Rating 2.75

Roulette Diamond from 1×2 Gaming is a free roulette game where it is possible to bet on 40 numbers plus 0. The diamond roulette board as its name suggests simulates the shape of a diamond. The game allows you to make the classic roulette bets and includes different bets such as diagonal bets. It has the multiball option that allows you to participate in several games at the same time and thus make more bets. Discover the demo version Roulette Diamond and play for free without downloading the game.

How to play Diamond Roulette

To start playing you must choose the bet. The chips to bet have a value of 0.1 to 100 credits. The game allows you to make up to 15 bets at a time. Once the bet has been chosen, the selected chip will be illuminated with the corresponding color. Next, you just have to place the amount you think necessary on the mat.

Roulette Diamond makes your task easier since on the right of the game screen you will find several types of bets offered by the game. You can place the chips directly in this section. You can also do it on the mat that also offers several types of bets different from the traditional ones. Right there are the arrows that help you make the diagonal bet, in the quarter of the diamond, in the middle of the diamond, in line, among others.

Whenever you are not sure or want to change the bet, you can take advantage of the “clear all bets” button to cancel the chosen bets. Or “clear single bets” to cancel only one bet. But keep in mind that each type of bet has its maximum. That is, you cannot exceed the established number that allows one or another type of bet.

How to bet on Roulette Diamond

Choose one or more bets and once selected press Play to start the game. If you are not satisfied with the bets you can always cancel one or more of them. After each round you can go to the betting history found on the left of the game screen. There you will see the last 12 spins and the winning number of each of them.

Bets and Payouts of Diamond Roulette

In the game instructions Diamond Roulette you can find out the maximum bets on one table and the payouts on others. We have joined them in a single graphic to make it easier for you to see.

Inside bets

Inside bet type Payments Maximum bet
Bet on a single number 40 to 1 20 credits
Split (2 numbers) 19 to 1 30
Corner, 4 numbers 9 to 1 40
Cove Bet (3 numbers plus 0) 9 to 1 40

Outside bets

Outside bet type Payments Maximum bet
Odd or even (20 numbers) 1 to 1 100 credits
Red or black (20 numbers) 1 to 1 100
Fourth (10 numbers) 3 to 1 50
Diagonal (5 numbers) 7 to 1 25
Upper half of the rhombus (20 numbers) 1 to 1 100
Bottom half of the rhombus (20 numbers) 1 to 1 100
Right half (20 numbers) 1 to 1 100
Left half (20 numbers) 1 to 1 100
Column of 2 numbers (13 and 5) 19 to 1 30
Column of 4 numbers (2 to 9 and 40 to 28) 9 to 1 40
Column of 6 numbers (21 to 3 and 40 to 28) 57 to 10 40
Column of 8 numbers (32 to 26 and 15 to 39) 4 to 1 50
Row of 2 numbers (26 and 39, 32 and 15) 19 to 1 30
Row of 4 numbers (40 to 21 and 28 to 3) 9 to 1 40
Row of 6 numbers (9 to 7 and 2 to 27) 57 to 10 40
Row of 8 numbers (13 to 10 and 5 to 31) 4 to 1 50
Zero (0) 40 to 1  

At the top of the screen you will find the game balance and the multiplier menu. Right there you will find the history of bets made. The diamond roulette game offers an RTP of 97.56%.

Play roulette with multiple balls

The game of online roulette Roulette Diamond has an advantage of being able to play with up to 4 hands. To do this, take advantage of the Multi-Ball option. Just press Play again while the first ball is still in motion. You can do it up to four times. On the casino games website you can find a wide variety of free roulette games that you can play for fun without downloading.