Roulette Slot Diamond Live Strike

Extreme Live Gaming has revolutionized the world of live casino gaming with its innovative hybrid products between live roulette and online slots. One such product is the Diamond Strike slot roulette, a live dealer roulette that incorporates a Diamond Strike slot game in a UK live studio environment designed in the style of slot symbols. You can place your bets both in numbers or sectors of European roulette, as in seven symbols of the slot machine in the same play.

How to play live roulette slot Diamond Strike

After accessing the live slot roulette game from an online casino game provider Extreme Live Gaming you can see a classic roulette menu with a live dealer, a virtual table and an additional board with neighboring bets. Choose your chips from 6 available values ​​and bet them on internal or external sectors of a European table or neighboring, orphan or tiers betting sectors.

What highlights the Diamond Strike live roulette is the availability of side bets on seven symbols of the eponymous slot developed by Pragmatic Play: 7, cherry, watermelon, plum, lemon, bell and diamond. The symbols are rotated on the only reel of the slot synchronized with the roulette wheel in such a way that both games start and end at the same time.

Roulette payouts are standard from 1: 1 to 35: 1, while the payouts for a successful slot symbol range from 1: 1 to 80: 1 for betting and winning with the diamond symbol.

The Diamond Strike Live Roulette game interface allows you to make various video and sound settings, view history and access live chat to send messages to the dealer and interact with other players.