Quick Roulette Evolution Gaming

Speed ​​Roulette Live is a roulette game released by Evolution Gaming in 2017. It represents a fast and continuous roulette whose spin lasts 25 seconds and is followed by the next spin of the same duration. The fast version of live roulette has no breaks between spins, is conducted by a highly experienced live dealer, and the winning number is recognized through multiple video cameras. Bets are accepted exclusively at the start of a spin.

Speed ​​Roulette Live: Fast version of live roulette

Announced by Product Director Todd Haushalter as the fastest roulette in the world, Live Speed ​​Roulette has completed the extensive range of live roulette from Evolution Gaming reducing the duration of a play by 50% compared to the others roulette live. This reduction is due to an extremely short 25-second round during which a roulette wheel makes its agile spin.

At the end of a spin, the dealer immediately proceeds to the next spin, while the winning number is displayed on multiple screens in the studio and on online player displays. This innovative solution provides an intense and exciting gaming session, as players have just a few seconds to place bets while a rotation starts.

Evolution has dedicated to its new product an entire studio located at its headquarters in Riga and equipped with multiple cameras that produce the “immersive” effect of the game and at the same time ensure the speed and high quality of transmission.

How to Play Live Speed ​​Roulette

The principle of the game of Live Speed ​​Roulette is the same as in live roulette. Online players place their bets from a menu specially designed and adapted to the device. The betting areas correspond to the European roulette with the option to choose a number, a series of numbers, first or second half of numbers, a dozen, a column, an even or odd, a red or black.

When opening the game screen you can bet from your menu while the wheel is starting to spin and the inscription “Place your Bets” is present. After a few seconds the closing of bets is announced “Bets closing” and the menu is deactivated (“Bets closed”). In a few seconds you will see the winning number on your screen after the spin and betting process is repeated. You have six chips with a value of 1 to 5000 depending on the game operator, so the range of bets is really wide.

The game is available for both desktop and laptop users, as well as for mobile devices with Android, Windows, iPhone and iPad and is perfectly adapted to touch screens.

Advantages of fast roulette

The fastest version of all live roulette wheels from Evolution stands out for its incredible speed, graphics, and professionalism. Live Speed ​​Roulette combines the experience of live roulette with the speed of betting decisions and almost immediate results:

  • Speed ​​of a round of only 25 seconds.
  • Plays in a row without pauses or delays, the round immediately after the winning number is captured by the cameras.
  • High video quality and “immersive” effect due to multiple cameras.
  • Wide range of bets.
  • High professionalism of live dealers.

The Speed ​​roulette is a totally innovative product that ensures a lively and adrenaline-filled game.

Live casinos with Speed ​​Roulette

Fast roulette is available on the websites of the main live game providers at Evolution Gaming. You can play Speed ​​Roulette Live at such online casinos as 888 casino, Bwin and William Hill, although given the high demand for the game, it is expected the increase in live casinos with Evolution games in the English-speaking market. On the free casino games website CasinoGamingNews.com you can find detailed online casino reviews and learn all the details of the live roulette game.