Portomaso Live Roulette

Casino Live Roulette Portomaso is a classic game that is streamed directly from the Malta casino. It is characterized by high video and sound quality, multi-camera effect and the possibility of accessing the game from any device or mobile phone. This live roulette (Live Roulette) has a live dealer and live chat (Live Chat) to communicate with other players and the dealer live.

How to play Live Casino Roulette Portomaso

To start playing you must find a secure online casino that offers live table games and broadcasts Portomaso Live Roulette. Once you have chosen the casino, register and make the deposit. Now you can play!

By activating the game you can watch a real broadcast from Casino Portomaso in Malta. That is to say, the table and the real roulette wheel, the players and the casino dealer. But apart you have your virtual table to bet and a wide range of options to adjust the game to your liking. The bets vary from 1 to 1,000 euros, dollars or other diVisa of your country. Choose the corresponding bet value and place the chips on the virtual table whenever you see the phrase “place your bets”. The types of bets you can make in this case correspond to European roulette bets. Also, you have the advantage of la Partage in case the “0” comes up. That is, if the ball lands on “0”, you get half your bet back.

The virtual menu of Portomaso Live Roulette allows you to double the bet, cancel it, repeat the same bet again and also cancel all bets. To be able to chat with the dealer or the other players, click on Chat on the left of the screen, where you can also configure the sound, change the screen mode and view the statistics. The latter allow you to view the detailed history of the game, that is, the last winning numbers, the most profitable bets and their percentages, the balance of the game and the value of the current bet.