Mini Ruleta Playtech (Playtech)

Type Mini Roulette
Software Playtech
Games played 764
Rating 3.25

The Mini Roulette or Mini Roulette of Playtech is a mini version of roulette with 13 numbers. Roulette games like French Roulette, American Roulette, and European Roulette have 36 or 37 numbers. Mini online roulette offers fewer numbers and fewer types of bets. Enjoy the demo version of the game available to play for free without downloading and without registration.

How to play Mini Roulette for Free

As in other roulette games, the objective in Mini Roulette is to bet on a number or several that are winners. First select your bet by pressing the chips that appear on the game screen. The minimum bet can be 0.1 credit and the maximum 100 credits. But it also depends on the type of bet you are going to make.

Choose the number of chips necessary and place them on the part of the mat where you want to bet and press “spin”. Keep in mind that you can place the chips in different parts of the mat, depending on the type of bet.

You can always cancel your bet by clicking “clear bets”. If you do not want to change the type or the value of the bet, you can continue with the same bet with the “rebet” button. You can always control the balance of the game on the main screen.

At the beginning you will have 2,000 credits to be able to place your bets in the mini online roulette. Apart from the current balance section you have “cashier” that is used to enter or withdraw funds and “play for real money” to activate the game with real money. By pressing “spin” you will see the results of the bet and the prize at the bottom of the game screen. Among them the last ten winning numbers.

The online mini roulette game allows you to make sound adjustments directly on the main game screen, or by entering the settings section to mute or activate different types of sounds, such as the general sound of the game, background sound or the voice of croupier. You can also deactivate or activate the alert messages, or the video that appears when activating the online game.

Mini Roulette allows you to deactivate the double game window, automatic mode or multi-hand play. All these extras are available in the real money version of the game. The real money version of the game also allows access to the betting history. The percentage of return to the player is 96.15%.

Betting on Mini Roulette

When playing in Mini Roulette online you can make different types of bets. Remember that when the ball lands on “0” you receive half of your bet:

  • Straight up is a bet on 1 single number. You pay 11: 1. The minimum bet is 0.50 credits and the maximum is 50.
  • Split is a bet on 2 numbers. You pay 5: 1. The minimum bet is 0.50 credits and the maximum is 100.
  • Street or three is a bet on 3 numbers. You pay 3: 1. The minimum bet is 0.50 and the maximum is 150.
  • Corner or four is a bet on a corner or 4 numbers. You pay 2: 1. The minimum bet is 0.50 and the maximum is 200.
  • Half Dozen is a bet on 12 numbers. You pay 1: 1. The minimum bet is 2 credits and the maximum is 300.
  • Red and Black is a bet on the red or black numbers.
  • Even and Odd is a bet on the smaller or larger numbers. It has a reward of 1: 1. The minimum bet is 5 credits and the maximum is 300.