Live VIP Roulette

Live VIP Roulette from NetEnt is a roulette game with live dealers of VIP level or Premium. VIP Roulette stands out for its high quality of game streaming, including HD video and sound, a large number options and extra settings. In addition, the dealers are highly qualified and offer direct support via Live Chat. The VIP roulette game is accessed online both from the PC, tablet or mobile device.

How to play Live VIP Roulette

Find a reputable online casino offering live games from NetEnt, register, fund the user’s account and activate the Live VIP Roulette game. Upon entering the game, you will see a live dealer on the screen in a luxurious royal casino environment. On the left of the screen you can see the current balance, earnings and access to Live Chat. To the right are the winning numbers from later rounds, classified as “cold” or less frequent and “hot” or more frequent. You can view player names online and change the game display mode with one click on the camera icon.

In a spin of the roulette wheel you can bet from 1 to 1000 euros and win up to 75,000 euros or another game currency. Select the chips corresponding to the bet you want to make and place them on the mat. You must bear in mind that bets are accepted when the dealer announces it and when the phrase “Place your Bets” appears above the mat. Once the ball is thrown, no more bets are accepted, the menu is deactivated and the phrase “No More Bets” appears in red.

The types of bets offered by the VIP Roulette game correspond to the European version. You can place inside and outside bets, including the bet on red or black, odd or even, a dozen, street, square or independent number. During the game, users can communicate with each other or with the dealer via live chat. The winning number appears in the history window and on the mat. The game options allow you to repeat or cancel the bet, mute the game sound and obtain information about the Live VIP Roulette rules.