Live TV Roulette

NetPlay TV is the UK’s largest live game provider offering a new kind of experience with no obligation to participate. That is, you can simply watch the TV roulette game on television but you can also place bets. The Live Roulette broadcast is carried out from London and is more like a TV Show. It shows the game from various angles, has high video quality, and can be played from the PC, TV screen, Android devices and Apple iOs.

How to Play NetPlay TV Roulette

You are within your right not to take part in the TV roulette game and enjoy watching it on television. But if you want to try your luck at NetPlay TV Live Roulette, you must register on the website of one of the provider’s affiliates and fund the account. These include three NetPlay affiliate casinos: Jackpot, Casino Vernons and Super Casino.

Bets range from US $ 1 to US $ 1,000 and are identical to European roulette. Among them the bet on red or black, odd or even, miss or pass, dozen, six numbers, four, three or two numbers. You can also bet on neighboring numbers or a whole number. You are given approximately 1 minute to place your bets. The game is played by a dealer who looks more like a TV show host as he highlights the best moments of the game.

From the Roulette TV game menu you can save your favorite bets, double the bet, cancel or repeat it. Once the bet has been made, you must always confirm it with the corresponding button that appears on the game screen.

Live Roulette TV statistics allow you to see Cold and Hot numbers. Right here is the current balance, bet and the last prize. All the winners of the game appear on the screen after the play is finished.

In addition, you can access the information and help section, send an email and activate the automatic game, previously selecting the value of the bet and the type of it.