Live Turbo Roulette

Turbo Roulette is a live dealer European roulette game streamed on Authentic Gaming live from Casino International in Georgia. Turbo roulette allows online players to erase all borders and enter the physical casino from a mobile device, tablet or computer with a live dealer and players present in real time. The game takes place on a European roulette table and offers a very realistic visual experience due to the multi-camera system with various viewing angles.

How to play Live Turbo Roulette

You can play Live Turbo Roulette from the website of the online casino game provider Authentic. When you access the game you will see the traditional menu below the screen from which you can place bets, access the rules and view the history of the game.

The turbo roulette is run by the dealer of the Casino Internacional in Batumi according to the rules of the European version, common inside and outside bets are accepted. The live roulette advantage is the option to save your favorite bets, modify, duplicate or cancel the bet with one click. The table limits are quite wide and vary from 1 to 6,000 credits, a perfect range for both high-rollers and those looking for fun with minimum stakes. In addition, the menu contains a special High Roller section with full bets, maximum bet and neighboring bets 1 and 2.

You can access the statistics of the last games with dates, raises and records of gains and losses, see the “hot” numbers that have come out more times and “cold” infrequently, as well as display the virtual board of neighboring bets.