Live Triple Roulette – Multi Wheel Live Roulette

Multi Wheel Roulette from Extreme Live Gaming is a live dealer version of European roulette offering multi-game. When you start the game you will not see a roulette with a board but three of them, two roulette with live dealers and an automatic roulette. They offer three independent games and you can bet on any one without prejudice to the others. This innovative 3-in-1 game is faster and more profitable as it allows you to place multiple bets at the same time. The broadcast quality is high and it also allows the process to be viewed from various angles.

How to Play Triple Multi Wheel Roulette

The triple live roulette game is available for real money only, so you must first find safe online casinos that offer Extreme Live Gaming games, register online and deposit funds.

By accessing the Multi Wheel Roulette you can see three different game screens. Each screen has its roulette wheel with a virtual betting mat. Two roulette wheels come with a live dealer and one roulette is automatic or electronic without a dealer. You can place multiple bets on all three boards at the same time. The types of bets correspond to European roulette, and you can make both outside and inside bets. Among them, the bet in full number, neighboring numbers, a dozen, two, three, or six numbers, square, even or odd numbers, red or black, miss or pass. The minimum bet is € 1 and the maximum is € 1,000 per table, although the limits may vary depending on the casino operator.

Each game screen has an information section that shows the time remaining to place the bet, the balance and the total bet. At the bottom of each game there is a settings bar, among them you can find the statistics and the live chat with the dealer.

Despite the high possibility of winning a prize in Live Triple Multi Wheel Roulette thanks to all three games at the same time, there are also possibilities of losing large sums of money. Therefore, when placing several bets on it, you must be aware of your balance and apply an appropriate strategy.