Live Roulette with Two Balls – Double Ball Roulette from Evolution Gaming

Roulette with two balls Double Ball Roulette is an exclusive game of Evolution Gaming developed in 2016 that allows to launch two balls at the same time in a spin through a patented pneumatic mechanism and determine two winning numbers in the same play. In this way, the odds of winning the inside bets are doubled, while winning the outside bets is twice less likely, since the two balls must stop in the same outside sector. The developer has added more betting options to their roulette Double Ball which have made it possible to win up to 1,300 times the bet.

Roulette features with two balls

The innovative two-ball live roulette solution is available exclusively at licensed online casinos at Evolution Gaming. Developed in partnership with Games Marketing, Double Ball Roulette is offered to players who choose this company’s side bets on blackjack games or baccarat live from Evolution.

The game is carried out by a dealer according to the standard rules of live roulette in full interaction with the players and through multiple cameras that transmit signal with high definition and with enlarged images of each play.

The only difference lies in the use of two balls that are not inserted into the wheel directly, but are placed in a special device. The pneumatic mechanism launches both balls at the same time after the dealer presses the remote button.

How to play Double Ball Roulette

You can start the game online from your registered account at a Double Ball Roulette casino provider on any device with iOS, Windows or Android. The game screen opens with a dealer and a wheel in the foreground, as well as the betting menu.

You have just 12 seconds to place your chips in desired betting sectors while the dealer spins the wheel and places the balls on the device. The bets are then closed and the dealer presses the button to throw the balls onto the wheel at the same instant.

At your disposal there are two menus, the main one with the European table and the typical bets for this variant of the game, and the additional menu Golden Bets, is highlighted in gold color and offers unique bets for roulette with two balls.

The gold bet on two specific numbers is won 1,300 to 1, as long as the two balls land on two chosen figures. All other inside bets win even if a single ball lands on a sector or number bet. Therefore, you have two times more chances to win especially in one, two, three, four or six numbers. At the same time, winning on column, dozens, halves, odd-even or red-black outside bets requires both balls to land on the same sector, which is more difficult compared to the usual one-ball roulette.

If you like the variety of opportunities, options and bets of Double Ball Roulette and would like to play roulette with two live balls, discover the legal online casinos whose offer includes this game. Also, you can take advantage of the live roulette bonuses offered by such casinos for live players.