Live Roulette with Slots Reel King

For all fans of live roulette games and online slots, the game “2 in 1” Reel King Roulette, a product of Extreme Live Gaming, is now available. Live roulette Reel King is broadcast from a live casino studio by a dealer live and at the same time accepts side bets on 7 symbols of the slot Reel King incorporated to the right of the main screen and synchronized with the roulette wheel. You can make any European roulette bet and optionally bet on any symbol, Live Roulette and slot machine go live and define the winning number / symbol in the same game.

How to play live roulette slot Reel King

When you open the roulette game slot Reel King live from a website of the licensed online casino of Extreme, you can see the board of a European virtual table with all its classic bets in full numbers, split, street, square, 6-number line, columns , dozens, odd-even, 1-18 / 19-36, black-red.

In addition, the additional board is available with bets on orphan sectors, neighbors of zero, game of zero or third. You simply have to choose a chip among available values ​​and virtually place it in the sector corresponding to your bet. The live dealer accepts bets for a total of 20 seconds, both on Live Roulette and on the slot symbols.

Precisely the Reel King slot machine from Greentube is a distinctive feature of this live roulette wheel from Extreme. The game screen is decorated in the style of the slot machine with a throne for live dealer, gold coins and crown. There are seven symbols that you see spinning on the single reel and you can choose for your side bets: the K, the Q, the J, bag of coins, cherries, plum and Wild.

You can bet any chip on any symbol at the top of the control panel. Your payouts depend on the odds of winning and range from 1: 1 to 80: 1. After the dealer starts the roulette wheel, the reel rotation begins and ends at the same time as the wheel rotation. With which, you find out the winning symbol as well as the winning number.

Noteworthy are the additional Reel King Live Roulette options typical for Extreme Live Roulette games such as numbers and winning sectors statistics, Live Chat to communicate with the dealer and other online players, various sound setting options and game rules.